Chatham University

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatham International Internship Program

+Q: What types of internships can students find in Pittsburgh?

A: As a mid-sized United States city, Pittsburgh offers something for everyone. Pittsburgh is the corporate headquarters for numerous corporations including eight Fortune 500 companies. Internship opportunities are usually available for students in most majors, including arts, business, communications, and political science.

+Q: Are interns paid?

A: It depends. Sometimes they are; sometimes they are not.

+Q: How long can students spend as interns?

A: This depends on how much time students have studied in the Chatham Semester program. If a student has studied one academic semester, which is about four months, then that is how long the student can stay and intern. A student who spends two academic semesters studying, ending in the spring, can stay as an intern that summer and continue interning in the fall.

+Q: Where do interns live?

A: Interns are required to live in Chatham residence halls unless the internship location makes this impractical. Interns can travel for free around the city using their Chatham ID cards and continue to enjoy campus amenities including the dining hall and fitness center.

+Q: Where have international students at Chatham interned in the past?

A: Chatham international and exchange students have interned at the following sites:

  • WQED
  • Global Solutions Pittsburgh
  • Green Building Alliance
  • Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital
  • League of Women Voters
  • Center for Women's Entrepreneurship
  • Eastman Tribe Interiors

In addition, in the past year Chatham students have completed internships at the following sites:

  • Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council
  • Global Pittsburgh
  • Thomas Merton Center
  • Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
  • THREEafrica
  • Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania
  • Maniac Magazine
  • Sampsonia Way Magazine
  • Active Pittsburgh
  • PA Center for Women and Politics
  • Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden
  • Ten Thousand Villages

+Q: Can a student decide during the Chatham Semester that he or she would like to stay for an internship?

A: No, we require that students enter the first semester knowing that they plan to stay for the internship so appropriate coaching can occur.