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International Affairs @ Chatham University

As part of the English Language Program, the Office of International Affairs offers the following programs. Please click on each program for more information.

+Chatham Semester

Maybe you want the very best education available. Or maybe you want to put your career on the fast track by perfecting your English and working with top professionals in your field. Whatever your reasons, one thing is clear: you next step is to study in the U.S.A.

The Chatham Semester is a program run by Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. It is open to undergraduate students from outside the United States who are not seeking degrees at Chatham. You can study here for one or two semesters. Participants take classes with American students, and all courses are taught in English.

Seats are normally available in nearly all academic courses, including:

Art Management Creative Writing International Studies
Biochemistry Criminology Mathematics
Biology Digital Technology Music
Business Environmental Studies Political Science
Chemistry Exercise Science Psychology
Communication Interior Architecture Sustainability

+Chatham International Internship

Blend your classroom learning with real world experience for the best career preparation!

Qualified students are invited to follow their one or two terms through the Chatham Semester with professional experience as a full-time intern (normally 40 hours per week).

This is a one-year program. The first semester is academic study and the second semester is an internship (academic training).

Students participating in the Chatham International Internship will take a Career Preparation course during the first semester that will teach them how to write an American-style resume and cover letter.

The course will also cover:

  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Networking
  • Developing a Web Presence
  • Writing a Professional Statement
  • Managing Conflict
  • Making Ethical Decisions

During the internship semester students will take a course that meets once per week in which they will receive support from Career Development and their faculty advisor.

During this course, students will:

  • Reflect upon and engage in deeper discussion about their internship experience
  • Explore how to deal with unexpected situations and solve problems
  • Examine motivation and independence

Throughout the internship, advisors and supervisors provide feedback so that the student not only has the experience, but also understands the internship's meaning in relation to their career and professional growth.

+Short-term Thematic Programs

Groups of students from partner universities can come to Chatham for 2-4 weeks to study a subject of their interest. These programs are arranged on demand from universities or organizations abroad.

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