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Dr. Jean-Jacques Nor Sène

Dr. Jean-Jacques Sène is an assistant professor of History and he also directs the Global Focus Program. In his native Senegal, he spearheaded a number of community development initiatives with the regional bureaus of UNICEF and UNESCO in the late 1980s. He lived and worked in Japan, France, and the Netherlands before settling in the USA. He has visited Spain, Burkina Faso, India, Ethiopia, and Indonesia for research and other professional purposes. He has, and continues to author texts on his research interests: West African contemporary history; myth, religion, and political power; sub-regional integration programs in Africa; Afro-Asian solidarity, and the African Renaissance movement. He’s been for close to twenty years happily married to a compatriot, also an educator. They’re raising two girls in Pittsburgh. Sène was educated in Senegal, France, and the US.

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