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Sylvia Shipp

Sylvia Shipp

Sylvia Shipp is a full-time administrative faculty member in the Chatham University English Language Program. Before coming to Chatham, she taught English as Second Langauge (ESL) courses at Duquesne University for 3 years. She also worked in a foundation program at the United Arab Emirates University for 11 years, where she taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL), worked as a level Assessment Head, co-developed curriculum across the levels, and created learning materials. She strives to connect with and motivate her students so that they excel in their academic and personal lives. She received her Master of Arts Teaching English to Speakers of Other Langauges (TESOL) degree at Monterey Institute of International Studies in California.

Sylvia also has a BA in English Language & Literature from California State University Northridge and a BA in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on Evolutionary Psychology from University of California Santa Barbara. She lived in Munich, Germany for three years where she worked odd jobs as a professor’s editorial assistant, screenplay translator, Oktoberfest field shuttle bus driver, and English video clerk, until she eventually worked full-time at the outfitter Patagonia.

Sylvia has traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Her interests include creative writing, digital photography, educational technology, hiking, climbing, and learning languages. She and her husband raise their two busy young sons and Australian Cattle Dog in their house in Forest Hills.

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