Chatham University

Student Testimonials

I was just looking through the news today and saw some exciting news about changes in Egypt's foreign affairs and Palestinian agreements in Israel. Just sending this e-mail to express my gratitude for the Arab-Israeli conflict class you taught. If I hadn't taken that class, I would have absolutely no idea what I was reading. It is great to be able to read these news articles and truly understand what these changes could mean for Israel and the Middle East. –Mindy C.
"I came to Chatham with no clear idea of what I wanted to do after graduating. I finally declared my major in history, with minors in political science and philosophy, because I had found myself loving those classes - not necessarily thinking ahead to the future and how they would relate to my career. My first job out of college was at a bank, from there I moved on to an office assistant position, an accounts payable position, and finally to my current job as Purchasing Coordinator for Hirzel Canning Company. As you can guess, none of these jobs have any relation to history, political science, or philosophy! By taking classes in subjects I loved, I was able to find my strengths, and apply them to other aspects of my life and career. I gained the confidence to know that if I step into a new career opportunity, even if it's something I've never done before, I can and will conquer the challenge of it. –Meigan
"Sooo it has happened...I HAVE A JOB! I needed to tell you! Starting asap I will be working in Erie at WJET action news 24 as a full time on-air tv reporter! It's a small market but hey that's what you have to do right! I think it's going to be great. I have you to thank for a lot of this. Thank you for all the advice, time, and for watching my demo. During my interview the news director gave me a written pop quiz to see what I know under pressure about current events and the world affairs...I know for certain I aced the middle east questions (which were very basic...but I don't think were answers most tv broadcast students know). I think he was impressed. That's all thanks to you!–Alese
I can't believe it's been six years since I was at Chatham; it seems like yesterday. I'm graduating from Catholic Law School in DC in a few weeks, though I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do be when I "grow up." I also wanted to mention that I'll be forever grateful for your criticism (i.e. excessive red ink) on all of my history papers at Chatham... I don't think I would have made it through law school otherwise.–Dardana
"First off, I wanted to tell you, and thank you, for how much your classes have prepared me for Graduate School -- especially History Policy and Analysis. Graduate school can be a bit overwhelming at times with all the reading and writing, but I definitely feel more prepared (especially writing policy memos) after taking your classes.