Chatham University

Certificate in Executive Women’s Leadership

Women now comprise half of the U.S. workforce and are a major source of talent for the future, according to the University Professional & Continuing Education Association. Yet, the opportunity for women to advance in the work place has become more challenging and competitive. To succeed, women must strengthen their foundation as a leader, in order to cultivate the right relationships, work within a diverse work force, and be recognized as an individual who will make a lasting impact within the organization.

Chatham University’s Certificate in Executive Women Leadership (CEWL) can help today’s business women meet those objectives. CEWL provides a learning environment that provides the knowledge, skills, and creativity, that will help any aspiring woman executive to be a high–potential leader within her organization.

Creating Women Leaders for More than 140 Years
Chatham University has long been committed to the advancement of women’s leadership throughout its 140–year history, a tradition that continues today through the development of groundbreaking programs that focus on the needs of women, particularly those in leadership roles.

Chatham University’s Certificate in Executive Women’s Leadership (CEWL) is designed to address the distinctive challenges women leaders face in today’s business climate. As part of its mission to develop women as leaders and innovators, Chatham is now focused on educating a new generation of businesswomen– who are prepared to take their careers to the next level of success.

CEWL is ideal for women who currently hold entry–level to middle–management positions, and who are ready to advance to senior management and beyond. The CEWL program provides women with the theory, practical application, and networking to succeed in business. We understand the many roles women play in their everyday lives and designed the classes and activities with that in mind, offering flexibility that doesn’t interfere with personal life.

CEWL graduates will: