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Ryan Novitsky

Ryan Novitsky

Ryan is a graduate student in the Master of Communication program here at Chatham. He is originally from Weatherly Pennsylvania, and received his Bachelors in Sports Management with a minor in Communication from East Stroudsburg University.

He chose to further his knowledge of communication because after studying communication as an undergrad, and landing a job in a related field of athletic communications for seven years, he wanted to learn more about the ever-changing art of communication and how to better improve his communication skills as well.

During his time at Chatham he hopes to develop a better sense of what it takes to be a professional communicator as well as network with local colleges and companies in hopes of landing a full-time post-graduation job. He is currently a graduate student assistant intern in the sports information department for Chatham athletics, and he writes daily articles that are published on a weekly basis. His dream job is to be either a sports information director, assistant athletic director for a collegiate or pro team, or a social media coordinator for an outdoor recreation company.

He likes to produce concise and simple to read–but informative–pieces. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys reading books, magazines, and newspapers, as well as browsing the web, and watching Youtube or Netflix.

Terra Tomasic

Terra Tomasic

Terra is a graduate student in the Master of Communication program at Chatham. She is from North Huntingdon, PA and got her bachelors degree at Pennsylvania State University, where she double majored in psychology and philosophy. She is taking the strategic communication track in the program.

She chose to pursue her Master of Communication because she found, during her undergrad, that communication was vital for success. She chose Chatham because she saw that the classes were applicable in the real world, and took it as an opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate and become a more well-rounded professional. During her time at Chatham, she hopes to improve her basic writing skills, and learn more about the best ways to convey information through written messages. She also plans to take a variety of electives to focus on writing.

Her dream job is to work in the field of human resources and employee relations, and in ten years she hopes to work in the communication department of a company, and work to improve their internal communication and strengthen their brand. Recently, she interned in the public relations field and enjoyed working with clients around the city of Pittsburgh. In her spare time, Terra enjoys reading nonfiction books, and staying up-to-date on the political world through reading online newspapers.


Jillian Plummer

Jillian Plummer

Jillian Plummer is in the Master of Communication program at Chatham University. She is from Greensburg, PA. She completed her Bachelor of Science in 2015 at Slippery Rock University where she majored in Communication with a focus in Public Relations.

She chose to study communication because the flexibility of a communication degree appealed to her. "I have been able to work in several different areas and still work under the same umbrella. It is a really versatile and growing field to be a part of." During her last few semesters at Chatham, Jillian hopes to work on research and networking in the academic community. She also plans to get involved with undergraduate students in the communication department, as well as Chatham's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Jillian ultimately wants to come back to the academe to work as a professor, after working in the field for several years. During her undergraduate degree, she did an internship with the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety, which led to her first job post-graduation. In ten years, she hopes to be living abroad and completing her PhD. In the future, she hopes to write a book, either professionally or personally based.