Chatham University

Physical Therapy Faculty and Staff

Gary Marshall Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Hometown : Cinncinati, OH
Joined Chatham : 2008

Academic Areas of Interest

Anatomy and Physiology, Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, Cell Biology, Histology and Histomorphometry, Radioimmunoassay (RIA), Stereology

Personal Areas of Interest

Tai Chi Chuan, Orchid Growing, and Beekeeping


I was born and raised in southwestern Ohio near Cincinnati. I grew up in a rural area and roamed woods, fields, and river banks with my friends and my brother. I did well in school and was most interested in science, especially biology. I was not an athlete, but played little league baseball every summer until I entered high school. I met my wife, June, while we were both in high school. We were “high school sweethearts” and we later married in 1969. After we both graduated from the Ohio State University we moved to Houston, Texas where I attended graduate school and June started her career as a graphic designer. After adjusting to the heat and humidity of the Gulf coast, we loved the big city life. In 1977 we came to Pittsburgh for my post doctoral training and June continued her work as a graphic designer. In 1980, I was offered a position at the Max Planck Clinical Research Unit in Reproductive Medicine, Muenster, Federal Republic of Germany, usually called West Germany. June and I discussed for a few days and we decided to move there. I spoke very little German-June none, but that did not seem important. I still speak a very little German; June became very proficient in the language. We would not trade our five years in Germany, not only because of the people and culture, but our daughters , Jessica and Anneliese, were born there. We left Germany in 1985 about 18 months after Anneliese’s birth. We returned to Pittsburgh and have been here since.