Chatham University

College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP)

Guidelines for credit granted by means of CLEP examination at Chatham University:

CLEP Exam Major/Elective Credit Award Score
Financial AccountingBoth350
Introductory to Business LawBoth350
Principles of ManagementBoth350
Principles of MarketingBoth350
French Language Level 1Elective650
French Language Level 2NeitherNANA
German Language Level 1Elective650
German Language Level 2NeitherNANA
Spanish Language Level 1Elective650
Spanish Language Level 2NeitherNANA
American GovernmentBoth350
Principles of MacroeconomicsBoth350
Principles of MicroeconomicsBoth350
Social Sciences & HistoryElective350
U.S. History IElective350
U.S. History IIElective350
Western Civ. IElective350
Western Civ. IIElective350
Human Growth & DevelopmentBoth350
Intro. to Educational PsychologyBoth350
Introductory PsychologyBoth350
Introductory SociologyBoth350
College AlgebraElective350
College MathNeitherNANA
Natural SciencesElective350
Info. Systems & Computer Apps.Elective350
American LiteratureBoth650
Analyzing & Interpreting LiteratureElective350
College CompositionElective350
College Composition ModularElective350
English LiteratureBoth650

Please contact the Director of Academic Support and Prior Learning Assessment with any additional questions or to explore credit–by–exam as a means of earning credit:

Deborah Prise
Director of Academic Support and Prior Learning Assessment
Chatham University
Coolidge Hall- Room 235A