Chatham University

Biology Faculty and Staff

Larry Viehland Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

Hometown : Pittsburgh, PA
Joined Chatham : 1999

Academic Areas of Interest

Transport and reaction-rate coefficients of ions in gases, Physics and Chemistry. Developing and testing ion-neutral interaction potentials, Chemistry. Drift-tube mass spectrometers and ion traps, Chemistry.

Personal Areas of Interest



July, 1999-now: Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Science at Chatham College. This position involves administration and leadership of 18 faculty members in biology, chemistry, environmental science, exercise science, mathematics and physics. My primary teaching responsibilities are physical chemistry and advanced mathematics courses. My research continues to be concerned with the development and application of kinetic theories that accurately describe the transport and reaction-rate coefficients of ions in gases and with developing and testing ion-neutral interaction potentials. I have supervised at least ten students doing summer undergraduate research, and seven more doing tutorials (undergraduate research for credit during the senior year). Assistant Professor (1977-1979), Associate Professor (1979-1983), and Professor (1983-1999) of Chemistry at Saint Louis University. From September, 1994, until August, 1998, I was Chairperson of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Parks College of Engineering and Aviation of Saint Louis University. May, 1994: Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Tokushima, Japan. May, 1991-August, 1991: Visiting Professor in the Molecular Physics and Quantum Optics group of the Huygens Laboratory of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. April, 1988-August, 1988: Fulbright Senior Scholar in Australia. April, 1987-August, 1987: Visiting Professor of Chemistry at the University of British Columbia, Canada. July, 1976-September, 1977: Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Chemistry at Brown University. September, 1973-July, 1976: Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry at Brown University. June, 1969-September, 1969: Research Assistant at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories.