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Education Curriculum

Requirements for Recommendation for State Certification in Teaching

The Teacher Preparation Program is a professional program offering teacher certification in early elementary education (N-4), secondary (7-12), biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, physics, and social studies. The Teacher Preparation Program also offers K-12 certification in art, environmental education, and special education. Programs in these areas will require some coursework in both elementary and secondary education. Candidates for these certifications should contact the certification officer or program director.

Major Requirements

The Liberal Arts Major in Early Elementary Education offers a comprehensive preparation program for teaching young children, predicated on a foundation in the liberal arts. Students in the program are required to complete the general education requirements, as well as the sequence of professional preparation courses. Students in secondary and K-12 certification areas must complete the general education requirements, a major in the academic discipline, as well as the sequence of professional preparation courses.

This program involves both classroom study and extensive field experiences, culminating in a 14 or 16 week Student Teaching experience. In accordance with the Pennsylvania State Department of Education requirements, candidates also must satisfy all regulations pertaining to teacher training contained in the Pennsylvania School Code. These regulations are subject to change by the State. Students will be required to comply with any such regulations that are instituted before their certifications have been received.

To gain admission to the program, candidates must successfully complete 48 credit hours of coursework at Chatham with a cumulative 3.0 GPA. They must also submit passing scores on the PRAXIS pre-professional examinations that meet PDE requirements.

Program Requirements