Chatham University

Chatham University Interior Architecture

The Bachelor of Interior Architecture is a professional interior design program that prepares students for practice in an interior design or architecture firm. The Bachelor of Interior Architecture is accredited by the Council for Interior Design (CIDA).

A holistic design approach is stressed throughout the four-year program. Students are encouraged to consider all factors that influence the design of interior spaces from human behavior, aesthetics, and building technology to the views from windows and doors that penetrate the surrounding architecture.

The Three-Year Bachelor of Interior Architecture Program

Designed with you in mind, Chatham’s Three-Year Bachelor of Interior Architecture prepares you for a career in interior design and sets you in front of the competition by helping you enter the workforce early. And without having to take summer courses.

Chatham’s Three-Year Bachelor in Interior Architecture will save you a full year of tuition and will prepare you for the job market in less time than your competition.

Why is Chatham different?
Chatham’s Interior Architecture program is a professional interior design curriculum that stresses holistic design integrated with sustainability and environmental consciousness. Design studios encourage you to explore the built environment of various building types while lecture courses impart the design knowledge needed to create wonderful spaces. The three-year undergraduate program is fast-paced but requires no summer study, allowing greater opportunities for internships, study abroad and employment.

Study in dedicated Interior Architecture classrooms.
You’ll study in our updated and constantly improviing facility – Chatham Eastside. Less than a mile from our historic Woodland Road location, Chatham Eastside opened in 2009 with state-of-the-art classroom and studio spaces designed specifically for our interior architecture program.

Don’t stop there. Study one more year and earn a master’s degree.
You can also take advantage of our one-year Master of Science in Interior Architecture program. Study at Chatham for one more year after you earn your bachelor’s degree and you’ll have an advanced degree that will provide you with career paths in design management, academia or advanced graduate studies.