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Interior Architecture FAQs

Are students expected to purchase their own computer?
After the second year, each student is expected to purchase a personal computer and software to be used for various courses in the third and fourth years.

What is the senior tutorial in interior architecture?
A yearlong research and design project, the senior tutorial is the capstone of a Chatham University education. During the first half of the tutorial, students are required to gather information about the latest research and design recommendations for a particular building type and user selected by a faculty member. Using this information, students develop a project program as part of the pre-design phase. Students then apply their research to a design project during the second half of the tutorial.

How long will the program take to complete if I am a transfer student or a Chatham University student with a change in major?
Transfer students who have not taken interior design courses and Chatham University students who have changed their major may enroll in foundation art classes over the summer and enter the program during the fall semester of the second year. Please contact the program director for advising assistance.

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