International Studies | Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

Chatham University

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Chatham's major in International Studies emphasizes cultural texts and histories, both classical and contemporary, in combination with practical experience and firsthand intercultural interaction.

The core courses draw on humanistic intellectual traditions, in order to develop nuanced understandings of particular texts, topics, and problems within a broad and relevant historical, political, and cultural context. Completion of a regional concentration ensures practical grounding in language, historical and geographical understanding, and experiential learning; it also qualifies a student for financial and programmatic support for study abroad.

Likely career fields for an International Studies major include civic and non-profit work, international outreach, media and communications, and education. Careers in government and business are also achievable, especially if this major is complemented by additional study and experience. The major offers a foundation for graduate work in a variety of fields, including humanities, social sciences, and law.

Students may test out of some or all language requirement. They will not be given course credit but the requirement will be waived.

International Certificate

The Department of History, Political Science, and International Studies also offers International Certificates for students in other programs. Visit here for information on the International Certificates.

Certificates must be at least 18 credits. In cooperation with the Chair of History, Political Science, and International Studies, students placing out of language must be sure that appropriate course work meets the 18 credit requirement.