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Bachelor of Arts in Music

Students in the Chatham University Music Program engage with music from myriad perspectives while developing critical thinking and effective communication skills through the undergraduate college's liberal arts environment. All music students receive a strong foundation in musicianship, music theory, and music history, and participate in private vocal or instrumental instruction with some of the region's best performers including members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Music at Chatham from Chatham Arts.

Student Performances

Ample performance opportunities are available through student recitals and the Chatham University Choir, which performs frequently both on- and off-campus. Instrumental students can form smaller chamber ensembles on campus, and also have the opportunity to audition for large ensembles such as orchestras, bands and jazz ensembles off-campus. The Chatham University Shuttle goes directly to the University of Pittsburgh, making participation in that institution's instrumental ensembles very convenient. Students can frequently hear performances by professional musicians on campus through the Friday Afternoon Musicale and Chamber Music concert series, as well as off-campus in Pittsburgh's lively Cultural District.

The Chatham University Music Program also enables students to connect with music in many exciting, less traditional ways. Chatham offers courses in popular music (History of Rock, Pop & Soul), jazz (Jazz Survey), ethnomusicology (World Music), technology (Introduction to Digital Video Production), and interdisciplinary subjects (Music & the Natural World). Additionally, Chatham students can create acoustic and/or electronic music through individual composition study.

Chatham's Music Program is unique in its flexibility, and cross-disciplinary work is encouraged. Combining music with another area as a double major is easy, and current Chatham students are combining music with areas such as mathematics, psychology and cultural studies. Music can also be an area of focus for the Arts Management major, an exciting program that merges business and the arts. Additionally, Chatham has a collaborative program in Music Education with Carnegie Mellon University that allows our students to earn state teacher certification along with a music degree from Chatham.

The Chatham University Music Faculty, all of whom are professional musicians with strong artistic achievements, work closely with all students and are strongly committed to the highest standards in teaching.


The Chatham Choir and the Hemidemisemiquaver's (a smaller sub-ensemble of twelve women) are audition vocal ensembles made up of undergraduate and graduate women that perform both on- and off-campus. Both ensembles meet twice a week, and can be taken for credit.

The Chatham Choir upholds Chatham traditions by sponsoring and planning the all-campus winter celebration of "Candlelight," held the first week of December. Another annual fall event is the "Cabaret Benefit," an evening of Broadway and jazz standards, paired with food and Chatham "mocktails." The Chatham Choir can be heard at both the Opening and Closing Convocations, and the end of the spring semester marks the Spring Concert and Choir Tour. The Chatham Choir has traveled locally, as well as locations such as New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

Members of the Chatham Choir have had the opportunity to perform with Marvin Hamlisch and the Pittsburgh Symphony Pop's All-Star College Chorus at Heinz Hall. This year's Pop's performance took place in March.

The Chatham Choir members represent music as well as other majors at Chatham University and proudly support the Music Program. Chatham Choir auditions are held twice a year, at the beginning of each semester.

Instrumental Ensemble

Chatham students are able to audition for and perform with large instrumental ensembles off-campus such as the University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for credit. Details about auditions are distributed prior to the start of the fall semester. The Chatham Shuttle makes getting to and from rehearsals with instruments very easy.