Chatham University

Political Science Curriculum

The Political Science program offers courses in American Politics, International Politics, and Law-related subjects. The study of Political Science develops students’ conceptual skills and provides them with the tools to analyze political concepts in broad perspective and make sense of new issues as they arise. In addition to knowledge of the subject, the program is designed to develop skills in critical thinking and written and oral expression, deepen commitment to social responsibility and political participation, and to position students to go on to graduate study and professional careers.

The program maintains affiliations with programs and centers across the University and within the community, which bring students into contact with scholars and practitioners from multiple academic fields. There are opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom, for example through participation in internships and in the programs and research of The Center for Women, Politics and Public Policy (e.g. Winning Edge campaign school), and the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN).

Program Requirements