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Jennie Sweet-Cushman

Jennie Sweet-Cushman
Assistant Professor/Assistant Director Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics
Hometown : Plymouth, Michigan
Joined Chatham : 2013

Academic Areas of Interest

women in politics, American governmental institutions, political participation, West African politics



  • “Is Participation Decline Inevitable as Generations Age? Insights from African-American Elders” with Mary Herring, Lisa J. Ficker, Cathy Lysack, Marc W. Kruman, and Peter A. Lichtenberg. In Richard Marback (Ed): Generations: Rethinking Age and Citizenship. Wayne State University Press. 2013.
  • Women's Rights in the United States: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Issues, Events, and People. Tiffany Wayne, Ed. ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA. Contributing Author.
  • “The Road to Good Governance: Via the Path Less Accountable?The Effectiveness of Fiscal Accountability in Liberia” with Kelly Krawczyk. International Journal of Public Administration