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Submissions are due Saturday, April 9, 2005.

You should only submit each project once. If you have more than five authors, please email us with your title and the additional authors. Please type your abstract in a word processor first, proof, spell check, and do a word count, and then copy it to the form below. Note that your abstract can have no more than 600 characters. Check your work carefully before you click on the submit button.

Note that you are also agreeing to stay at the conference the whole day. This helps us make sure that each session is well attended. If you make a mistake and submit incorrect information, please send an email to the address below ASAP and let us know exactly what you sent and your corrections.

By filling out the submission form, you will be automatically registered (please bring your $10.00 registration fee to the conference). However, your faculty sponsor and any co-authors MUST fill out separate registration forms (the link is above). This will allow us to get an accurate count and will speed up registration the morning of the conference. Note that all fields are required except for co-authors.

If you have questions or difficulty with this form, please email the information to Dr. Tom Hershberger (hershberger@chatham.edu).

2005 Chatham University Woodland Road Pittsburgh, PA 15232