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Corey Escoto

Corey Escoto
Chatham Faculty
Hometown : Amarillo, TX
Joined Chatham : 2010

Academic Areas of Interest

Drawing, Sculpture, Design, Photography

Personal Areas of Interest

When not at school, arts community building, in the studio working on his own artwork, or in NYC hustling, Corey enjoys driving (marathon length cross country road trips), fly fishing for wild trout, serving and volleying, long walks in desert landscapes, cobbling, and repairing old sewing machines.

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Corey Escoto is a multidisciplinary artist whose current work, a body of experimental large format analog photographic works created with a recently discontinued "Polaroid" format, seamlessly fuses image fragments into visually flummoxing truths. Expanding the zone of instantaneous image production, Escoto constructs enigmatic spaces that compress and invert idea, image and object. These 4x5 instant film prints are unique, multi-exposure proofs created through a process of hand-cutting and registering a series of light-blocking stencils to selectively and sequentially expose the film. As an extension of this process, his sculptures are reverse engineered objects born out of the "polaroids"—reifying the cycles, grey areas and nuances of invention and production. Corey was born in Amarillo, Texas and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. His work has been included in many national and international exhibitions at venues such as the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis; FRAC Nord-Pas De Calais, Dunquerque; Galerie de Kunstler, Munich; 7 Days Brunch, Basel; and Regina Rex, Queens, NY.


  • BFA Texas Tech University
  • MFA Washington University in St. Louis




  • SOLO EXHIBITION Volume for Volume, Regina Rex, Queens, NY 2013
  • SOLO EXHIBITION It’s a Sure Thing (Sometimes these Activities Inspire) Metropolitan Gallery, St. Louis, MO 2010
  • SOLO EXHIBITION Time Thing, Commonplace Pittsburgh PA 2013
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Art 21 Inside the Artist’s Studio, Project Space, Tint Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • GROUP EXHIBITION NADA, Regina Rex, Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, FL
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Romancing the Tone, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Out There, Somewhere, in the Middle of Nowhere, Galerie de Kunstler, Munich, Germany
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Decollecting 1, project with FRAC Nord-Pas De Calais, Dunkerque, France
  • GROUP EXHIBITION New American Talent 23, Art House at Jones Center, Austin, TX
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Le Souvenir, ACC Gallery as part of KUNSTFEST, Weimar, Germany
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Seven Days Brunch, (satellite show to Art Basel) Switzerland curated by Erno Vroonen
  • GROUP EXHIBITION Texas Biennial, Dougherty Arts Center Austin, Texas