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Chatham University - Scholar News Spring 2010

Publication or edition of book

Hamed, Safei-Eldin. Janten wa Oyoun (Gardens and Springs). Maktabat Al–Shrouq, 2009.

Lombard, Ronald; Kush, Joseph; Hertzog, Jay eds. Technology Implementation and Teacher Education: Reflective Models. IGI Global, 2010.

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Chapter in book

Lombard, Ronald. "Web 2.0 in the Classroom" and "Nuts and Bolts of Online Course Planning." Technology Leadership in Teacher Education: Integrated Solutions and Experiences. Ed. Junko Yamamoto, Joanne Leight, Christian Penny, Sally Winterton. IGI Global, 2010.

Julier, Alice. "Chapter Seven: Family and Domesticity." A Cultural History of Food: The Modern Era. Ed. Amy Bentley. Berg Press, 2010.

St. Germain, Sheryl. "Conjuring Place." The Working Poet: 75 Exercises and a Poetry Anthology. Ed. Scott Minar. Autumn House Press, 2009

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Article in refereed journal

Brinkman, Britney. "College Students’ Descriptions of Everyday Gender Prejudice." Sex Roles. Volume 61 (2009).

Eckel, Emily. "Recent Trends in the Development of Assistive Robotic Manipulation." Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics of North America. Volume 21. (2010).

DeLong, Deborah. "Experiential Learning within the Marketing Curriculum: An Integrated Approach." American Marketing Association: 2010 International Collegiate Conference Proceedings. April (2010)

Hamed, Safei-Eldin. "Islam and the Environment." Landscape Journal. Volume 28 (2009): 240–241.

Hebda, Toni. "What Nurse Educators Need to Know About the TIGER Initiative." Nurse Educator. Volume 35. Issue 2 (2010).

Isacco, Anthony. "Child Healthcare Decision–Making: Examining ‘conjointness’ in Paternal Identities Among Residential and Non–Residential Fathers." Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research and Practice about Men as Fathers. Volume 10 (2010).

Isacco, Anthony. "Urban Fathers’ Role in Maternal Mental Health." Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research and Practice about Men as Fathers. Volume 7. (2009).

Lott, Charlotte. "Why Women Matter: The Story of Microcredit." The Journal of Law and Commerce. Volume 27. Issue 2 (2009).

McNaugher, Heather. "Accoutrements" and "Saturday Night with Self." Pebble Lake Review, Fall/Winter 2009.

McNaugher, Heather. "To Eat a Doughnut in the Dark, Alone." Leveler, Winter 2010.

McNaugher, Heather. "Armour." 5 a.m., March 2010.

McNaugher, Heather. "IF." Sleet Magazine, March 2010.

McNaugher, Heather. "Washer and Dryer." Pittsburgh City Paper, 28 Oct 2009.

McNaugher, Heather. "Cherry Pop–tarts." New Ohio Review, Fall 2009.

Nieson, Marc. "Between Two Waters: The Espy Foundation." Poets and Writers. Volume 38. Issue 2 (2010).

Oresick, Peter. "Dina N. Malhotra. Book Publishing: Principles and Practices." Publishing Research Quarterly. Volume 25. Issue 4 (2009): 274.

Rubin, Deborah. "From Private Demons to Public Problems: The Work of Mary Cromwell Jarrett." Affilia: The Journal of Women and Social Work. Volume 24. November (2009).

Rubin, Deborah and Valutis, Stephanie. "Social Work Education and Student Research Projects: A Survey of Program Directors." Journal of Social Work Education. Volume 46. Winter (2010).

Viehland, Larry and various authors. "Theoretical study of the Bonding in Mn+-RG complexes and the transport of Mn+ through rare gases (M=Ca, Sr and Ra; n=1 and 2; and RG-He-Rn)." Journal of Chemical Physics. Volume 132 (2010).

Viehland, Larry and various authors. "Determination of Ar-O2+ and Kr-o2+ interaction potentials from gaseous ion mobility data." Molecular Physics. Volume 108 (2010): 35–40.

Viehland, Larry and various authors. "Determination of HeO+ and HeO interaction potentials from gaseous ion mobility data." Chemical Physics. Volume 365 (2009): 94–99.

Viehland, Larry and various authors. "Interaction potentials, spectroscopy and transport properties of RG+ - He (RG=Ar-Rn)." Molecular Physics. Volume 107 (2009): 2127-2139.

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Performance/Exhibition of original refereed/juried work

Boyd, Michael. Stephen Lilly’s Deus est machina. Electroacoustic Juke Joint: Delta State University, November 2009.

Boyd, Michael. Bit of nostalgia…. 12 Nights: Electronic Music and Art: Florida International University, December 2009.

Boyd, Michael. Bit of nostalgia…. Juventas New Music Ensemble’s "Murmurs from Limbo": Boston Conservatory and First Church, September 2009.

Boyd, Michael. Assemblage and Hand Leg Suit. Society of Composers Region V Conference: Clarke College, October 2009.

Boyd, Michael. Reconstruction. Society for Electro–Aucoustic Music in the United States National Conference: St. Cloud State University, April 2010.

Nieson, Marc. "The Speed of Life," feature film. DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival. Washington, DC. October 2009, and Austin Film Festival. Austin, TX. November 2009.

Oresick, Peter. Warhol Poetry Reading. Palmer Museum of Art. University Park, PA. October 2009, and Youngstown State University. Youngstown, OH. October 2009.

St. Germain, Sheryl. Poetry Reading. Poet’s House. New York, NY. 10 March 2010.

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Editorials, reviews, critiques

Boyd, Michael. "Matthew Ostrowski’s vertebra," CD review. Computer Music Journal. Fall 2009: 68-69.

Boyd, Michael. "Amnon Wolman’s The Marilyn Series," CD review. Computer Music Journal. Spring 2010.

Brinkman, Britney. "Tackling violence on college campuses," review of Understanding and Preventing Campus Violence. Psychology of Women Quarterly. 2010.

Julier, Alice. "Bite Me! Food in Popular Culture by Fabio Parasecoli," book review. Food, Culture, and Society. Fall 2009.

Julier, Alice. "Food: the Key Concepts by Warren Belasco," book review. Food and Foodways. Fall 2009.

St. Gemain, Sheryl. "Let There be Night: Testimony on Behalf of the Dark." Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. Fall 2009.

Stubbs, Peggy. "Premenstrual Syndrome." Corsini Encylclopedia of Psychology (4th edition). Ed. IB Weiner and WE Craighead. Wiley, 2010.

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Presentation of refereed scholarly work at international, national, or regional professional organizations

Bell, Melissa; Rubin, Deborah; Valutis, Stephanie. "Providing Family Planning Information to Clients: What Do Social Workers Know?." Baccalaureate Program Directors in Social Work Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. 13 March 2010.

Bell, Melissa; Rubin, Deborah; Valutis, Stephanie. "Value Conflicts and Value Priorities: What Do Social Workers Think?." Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting. San Antonio, TX. November 2009.

Brinkman, Britney. "No More Fat Talk: Teaching Adolescent Girls to Encourage Healthy Body Images for Themselves and their Peers" and "College Women’s Utilization of Social Support After Experiences of Gender Prejudice." Association for Women in Psychology. Portland, OR. February 2010.

Eckel, Emily. "How to Understand & Apply the Results of a Journal Article: What You Really Need to Know about Statistics" and "Create Your Job: Work on Research Studies at the Assessment & Intervention Level." American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference. Houston, TX. 25 April 2009.

Edenborn, Sherie. "Development of rock phosphate–agarose gel beads to monitor the release of lead into stream water from a contaminated industrial site." Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. Portland, OR. October 2009.

Edenborn, Sherie. "Preliminary Evaluation of Coal– and Biomass-Derived Chars as Beneficial Soil Amendments" and "DGGE Fingerprinting of Cultivable Bacteria as a Potentially Valuable Indicator of Soil Perturbation." International Annual Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy/Crop Science Society of America/Soil Science Society of America. Pittsburgh, PA. November 2009.

Falconer, Renee. "Persistent Organic Pollutants in Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) from the western North Atlantic" and "Persistent Organic Pollutants in Air over the Atlantic and Southern Oceans." Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Conference. New Orleans, LA. November 2009.

Goreczny, Anthony. "Improvement in quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities," with C. Nagelson and "Impact of academic preparation on counselor self–efficacy," with L. Lubinski, M. Pasquinelli, and D. Hamilton. American Psychological Association. Toronto, Canada. August 2009.

Goreczny, Anthony. "Impact of familial alcohol use on alcohol–related attitudes and behaviors among counseling psychology graduate students," with E. Barker and B. Lee; "Whose life is it anyway? Perceptions of needed improvements in quality of life for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities from different perspectives," with C. Nagelson; "Attitudes of Masters Counseling Students Toward Genetics Technologies," with G. Lee and E. Barker; and "Effects of Training on Self-Efficacy Among Counselors in Training: Changes Over the Course of a Semester," with M. Pasquinelli, L. Lubinski, and D. Hamilton. Association for Advancement of Behavior and Cognitive Therapies. New York, NY. November 2009.

Julier, Alice. "Fat and Fighting Words: Obesity Discourses, Sustainability, and the Rhetoric of Resistance." 6th Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Conference on Food and Representations. University of Texas. San Antonio, TX. February 2010.

Julier, Alice. "Feminist Perspective on Food, Justice, and Pedagogy." Feminist Rhetorics Conference. Michigan State University. October 2009.

Julier, Alice. "Food as More than Metaphor: Instersectionality, Food, and Social Justice in the Feminist Classroom." National Women’s Studies Association. Atlanta, GA. November 2009.

Lombard, Ronald. "Wiki: An Answer for Facilitating Small Group Collaboration," with Barbara Biglan. Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE). Charleston, SC. March 2009.

Roark, Elisabeth. "Keeping the Faith: The Catholic Content and Context of Justus Englehardt Kuh’s Portraits of Eleanor and Henry Darnall III, c. 1710." Omohundro Institute at the College of William and Mary. Maryland. November 2009.

Sterrett, Susan. "Forming communities of practice: Education of health professionals in Interprofessional settings." Collaborating Across Borders II. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 20 May 2009 and American Interprofessional Collaborative/Thomas Jefferson University. Philadelphia, PA. March 2010.

Stubbs, Margaret. "Collaboration and creativity in psychology education: From chaos to clarity," with M.B. Mannarino, M.J. Loughran, S. Valutis, and S. Seelau. Eastern Psychological Association. Pittsburgh, PA. March 2009.

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External Grants Awarded

Falconer, Renee with R. Dickhut and R. Lohmann. $275,000 with one field season in Antarctica. A collaborative study with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to look at persistent organic pollutants in the Antarctic marine food web to determine the impact of climate change and develop insights into the feeding ecology of apex predators. NSF Office of Polar Programs.

Goreczny, Anthony. $20,768. To survey individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities regarding their quality of life. Greene County MR/DD Department of Human Services.

Goreczny, Anthony. $333,394. To survey individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities regarding their quality of life. Allegheny County MR/DD Department of Human Services.

Goreczny, Anthony. $51,971. To survey individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities regarding their quality of life. Washington County MR/DD Department of Human Services.

Stubbs, Margaret with C. Pearson. $150,000 to the Take Charge Partnership. Production of 12 video public service announcements to increase public awareness and encourage conversations about end–of–life wishes.

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Invited lectures, speeches, workshops at international, national, or regional professional organizations

Boyd, Michael. Composition panel discussion that included a performance of Reconstruction for solo performer with found object and live electronics. American University. Washington, DC. January 2010.

Doas, Michelle. "Who are Our DNP Students?" poster presentation. National League for Nursing International Summit. Philadelphia, PA. September 2009.

Edenborn, Sherie. "DIRT + LIFE = SOIL: Linking Microbial Biodiversity to Soil Structure and Function." University of Pittsburgh Department of Geology and Planetary Science, Geology Colloquium Series. Pittsburgh, PA. 18 March 2010.

Falconer, Renee. "Persistent Organic Pollutants in Air–A Global Approach," chaired platform session. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Conference. New Orleans, LA. November 2009.

Felix, Heidi. "Ovarian Cancer: Not So Silent After All." American Academy of Physician Assistants. San Diego, CA. 23 May 2009.

Hamed, Safei–Eldin. Conference Plenary Speaker. Sacred Elements: Toward Sustainable Earth Communities Conference. Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Berkeley, CA. January 2010.

Julier, Alice. "Eating Together: Race, Class, Gender, and Inequality." University of California at Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems and Kresge College. Santa Cruz, CA. 9 March 2010.

St. Germain, Sheryl. Poetry Workshop and Reading. University of New York. Plattsburgh, NY. 2 March 2010.

Zimmerman, Don. "Leadership and Leadership Education: Trends, Challenges, and Possibilities." Royal Roads University. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 22 February 2010.

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International professional travel, research, or collaboration

Habib, Michael. Portsmouth, UK. Mark Witton, University of Portsmouth. Research Collaboration. September 2010.

Hamed, Safei–Eldin. Doha, Qatar. Qatar Foundation for Higher Education. Presented two scholarly papers at the 1st International Conference on the Qurianic Garden. February 2009.

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Professional Licensure/Certificate/Degree

Ayres, Katherine. The Friedberg–Segel Early Literacy Champion Award. Beginning with Books. 29 April 2010.

Julier, Alice. Vice President of the Board. Association for the Study of Food and Society. 2009, 2010.

St. Germain, Sheryl. "Unforgiven: How Not to Write an Essay." Notable Essay 2009. Best American Essays 2009. Fall 2009.

Suska Green, Denise. Summer Fulbright–Hays Curriculum Project. Ghana, West Africa. University of Pittsburgh. July 2009.

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Professional licensure/certificate/degree

Zanardelli, Gina. Licensed Psychologist. State of Pennsylvania. January 2010.

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