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ACT 101 Program

The Act 101 Program, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is designed to provide access and support services to Pennsylvania residents whose cultural, economic and educational disadvantages might impede their ability to pursue higher education opportunities successfully. To be eligible for the program, a student must (1) be a resident of Pennsylvania, (2) be admitted to the University (full-time or part-time), and (3) meet certain economic and academic criteria established by the state.

A central goal of the Act 101 Program is to facilitate student success. At Chatham, the ACT 101 Program consists of comprehensive academic support services as well as cultural and leadership opportunities to help students realize and achieve their highest potential throughout their college careers. Chatham ACT 101 students develop as campus leaders and graduate with marketable skills. For example, ACT 101 students serve as officers for student organizations, plan campus-wide events, intern with prestigious companies, and complete major research projects.

Founded by the honorable K. Leroy Irvis in 1971, the ACT 101 Program is available at 75 higher education institutions state-wide and serves more than 14,000 students. This program has been an important part of Chatham University for 20 years.

What can ACT 101 do for you?

To find out more about Act 101 and what it can mean for you, please contact the PACE Center at 412-365-1523 or