Chatham University

Graduate Assistantship Positions 2019-2020

Falk School of Sustainability & Environment

Positions available to Food Studies and dual degree Food Studies+MBA students

Agroecology Assistant

The responsibilities of this position include 1) comparative research on the ecosystem services provided by different forms of urban to rural agriculture, 2) participatory research with community stakeholders designed to enhance the sustainability of agroecological systems, and 3) agroecological experiments at the Eden Hall campus. (Dr. Chris Murakami)

Eden Hall Project Assistant

This position will help to integrate demonstration, research and education projects as an instrumental component of the overall Falk School curriculum and Eden Hall farm plan.  Tasks will include some farm and garden work in order to learn the basics of sustainable agriculture, and will include planning, record keeping, summary analysis and promotion on the status of various projects. (Dr. Sally Frey)

Experiential Learning Assistant

This position will be responsible for assisting with building and refining course materials, especially for a series of integrated or thematic courses within the food studies curriculum.  Includes not only traditional classroom preparation but also organization of field trips, development of culinary workshops, care of livestock, and other hands-on activities for courses such as Meat, Chocolate, and Dairy. (Dr. Nadine Lehrer)

Health and Wellness Assistant

This position will support a variety of initiatives, proposed research and development of presentations focusing on human health and wellness as it applies to food access issues and the alternative food system. Includes participation in grant-writing; PowerPoint creation; and outlining and writing presentations and papers for publication.  Additionally, the position may aid in the organization and delivery of community-based health and wellness programs as needed and as time allows. (Professor Mim Seidel)

Positions available to Sustainability and dual degree Sustainability+MBA students

Ecological Research Assistant

The position will be primarily tasked with supporting research efforts in the ecological sciences conducted in the Falk School of Sustainability. Position obligations will involve a mix of tasks in the field, laboratory, and database management system. The position will involve some degree of flexibility and work may contribute to thesis research. (Dr. Ryan Utz)

K-12 Program Assistant and Educator

This position will work with the K-12 Education Coordinator to design and implement events and courses that connect the Falk School to the local educational community. This includes the scheduling, planning, and execution of year-round programming, including but not limited to summer camps, school partnerships, site visits, open houses, academic challenges, Chatham student trainings, and apprenticeships. (Kelly Henderson)

Sustainability Metrics Assistant

This position has primary responsibility for research, emissions audit data collection and recording for Chatham's climate initiative and other sustainability reporting (including, but not limited to, AASHE STARS, and ISCN). The assistant will conduct research on sustainability initiatives and projects, including costs and funding opportunities; prepare reports, analysis and recommendations; assist the Sustainability Coordinator with program development and implementation, including but not limited to event organizing, presentations, publications, and community activities; provide assistance on shared programs with other departments and centers as applicable, including assistance to student organizations; and help support Climate Committee work. (Dr. Mary Whitney)

Sustainable Technology Assistant

This position will 1) help build course materials focused on linkages between renewable energy, society and the environment, and 2) support ongoing research on the use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources in energy intensive industries in the European Union. Task for this project will be quite varied, including researching solar energy projects in Europe, collecting and evaluating data, and researching policies supporting residential solar electricity generation. (Dr. Iris Grossman)

Positions available for dual degree students (either Food Studies+MBA or Sustainability+MBA)

Promotions & Social Media Coordinator

This position will work with the Business & Entrepreneurship Team for Social Media management (WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, weekly newsletter, Moodle, Trello, bulletin boards). The job involves developing content; interviewing and following up with students, faculty, alumni, etc.; researching, formatting, editing, posting, and tracking progress; assisting with events, including the developing flyers, planning events, inviting attendees, promoting events to classmates, and attending event. (Ginger Polozoff)

Positions available to students in any Falk School graduate program

Internship Assistant

This position will work with the Falk School Internship Coordinator to help find and keep track of internships, interns and related paperwork; visit potential sites; and aid in evaluation of internship sites. (Professor Mim Seidel)

Sustainability Engagement Researcher

This position will work with Dr. Macagno and Dr. DeLong to support research on employee engagement on sustainability with Highmark, which has agreed to a series of focus groups. (Dr. Tom Macagno)