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Meet the Graduate Ambassadors!

Chatham Ambassadors are current graduate students who are enthusiastic about their graduate experiences and want to share them with you. We serve as representatives for Chatham University and help you by sharing our campus knowledge first hand. We want to aid you in making a well–educated decision about the next steps in your study. Our mission as Chatham Graduate Ambassadors is to provide prospective students with a positive experience, both on and off campus, and to provide you with a true, authentic view of campus life.


What we do:

If you are interested in Chatham University, the Chatham Graduate Ambassadors offer several ways to help you learn more about the school:

Campus Tours

Campus Tours Graduate tours are done by request. While you are visiting the campus, you can also meet with a Graduate Admissions Counselor.

Graduate Open Houses

Graduate Open House (Chatham Eastside)
10/28/2017 :: 9:00AM - 12:00AM
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Graduate Open House (Shadyside)
10/28/2017 :: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
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Contact Us

There are several ways to contact a Chatham Graduate Ambassador:


Standard Mail:
Chatham Graduate Ambassadors
Office of Admissions: Berry Hall
Woodland Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Our Ambassadors

Luke '16

Luke '16

Co-curriculars: Graduate Ambassador

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Waving at the photo of Andrew Mellon to avoid bad luck on your next test.

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Brittney Brinkman

Favorite Place on Campus: The sun patio in Mellon

Why I chose Chatham: I chose Chatham because I liked the individual attention you receive from professors both inside and outside of class. The campus is also very nice and in a great location.


Elise '16

Elise '16

Co-curriculars: Fermentation Club

Favorite Chatham Tradition: Eden Hall Campus Summer Series

Favorite Faculty Member: Dr. Alice Julier

Favorite Place on Campus: Eden Hall Student Garden

Why did you choose Chatham: I chose to attend Chatham because there are no other Universities that incorporate experiential learning with food and agriculture studies on a graduate level. 


Jillian Plummer

Jillian Plummer

Jillian Plummer is in the Master of Communication program at Chatham University. She is from Greensburg, PA. She completed her Bachelor of Science in 2015 at Slippery Rock University where she majored in Communication with a focus in Public Relations.

She chose to study communication because the flexibility of a communication degree appealed to her. “I have been able to work in several different areas and still work under the same umbrella. It is a really versatile and growing field to be a part of.” During her last few semesters at Chatham, Jillian hopes to work on research and networking in the academic community. She also plans to get involved with undergraduate students in the communication department, as well as Chatham’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Jillian ultimately wants to come back to the academe to work as a professor, after working in the field for several years. During her undergraduate degree, she did an internship with the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety, which led to her first job post-graduation. In ten years, she hopes to be living abroad and completing her PhD. In the future, she hopes to write a book, either professionally or personally based.