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Undergraduate Applications

You may either apply online or download the application forms to complete and mail in.

Complete your on-line application.
Our new online application system allows you to create a username and password to access the application system. You will then have 30 days to complete your admissions application. If you wish to use the online Common Application click here.

Download your application forms here:
  • Undergraduate Application or Common Application
  • Undergraduate Recommendation Form
  • RN to BSN Program Application (Apply Online Only)


Undergraduate Admissions
Chatham University is a community of highly motivated and capable students who are enthusiastic about learning and participating in a vibrant, interactive learning process. They are prepared to take increasing responsibility for their educations and lives. To that end, Chatham admits applicants at the undergraduate and graduate levels who show strong evidence of these qualities. The Chatham student body is diverse, representing a wide range of ages, interests, talents, and experiences from a variety of cultural, geographic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The University looks for evidence of character, originality, and maturity, as well as sound academic training and motivation. While Chatham admits only women to its undergraduate programs, the University’s graduate degree programs, continuing education, certificate, and other special programs are coeducational.

Chatham University offers personalized education, and professional Admissions Counselors consider each applicant as an individual. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions directly for guidance and advice about their circumstances.


Application forms may be obtained from the Office of Admissions by calling 412-365-1290 or 800-837-1290; by e-mailing or via the downloadable form at the top of this page. Chatham also accepts the Common Application.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. In most instances, candidates are notified of an admission decision within two weeks from the completion of the application process.

Completed applications and supporting materials should be sent to Chatham University, Office of Admissions, Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15232.


Chatham accepts applications on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the application process by March 1 (for fall enrollment) to receive preferred consideration for Chatham’s generous financial aid programs. Students accepted no later than April 15 and deposited by May 1 are guaranteed a place in the class and priority housing. In most cases, an applicant will receive notification of admission decision within two weeks following the completion of the application process.

Admissions Procedures for First-Year Students

First-year student admission is for applicants entering directly from high school, without enrolling in prior post-secondary course work (other than courses completed while attending high school).

Admission to Chatham University is determined by the candidate’s academic record, her promise as a student at Chatham, and commitment to continued personal growth. Chatham gives preference to students that come from a strong college preparatory background. Chatham encourages a minimum of four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years of science, and three years of social science. The meeting of minimum requirements itself does not ensure admission to Chatham. Acceptance is contingent upon a candidate’s completion of secondary school requirements and is based on careful review of all credentials presented by the candidate.

First-year student applicants must submit the following:

Students may apply using our SAT optional policy and choose not to submit their SAT scores at the time of application. If not submitting their scores, in additional to the required application materials, applicants must submit the following:

If an applicant feels that these materials do not adequately represent her academic abilities or explain her academic history, she is encouraged to submit additional explanatory materials to strengthen her application.

Further, prospective students are strongly encouraged to arrange for a personal tour of campus and meet with an Admissions Counselor. The Office of Admissions is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on selected Saturdays (prospective students should call ahead for the availability of Saturday visits). If it is not possible to schedule a campus visit, prospective students should contact the Office of Admissions to schedule an interview with an alumnae representative in their area.

Admissions Procedures for Transfer Students

Chatham University welcomes applications from transfer candidates from junior and community colleges and other four-year institutions in the United States as well as other countries. More than 25 percent of Chatham students are transfer students.

Transfer student applicants must submit the following:

Transfer students, with less than 24 transferrable credits, may apply using our SAT optional policy and choose not to submit their SAT scores at the time of application. If not submitting their scores, in additional to the required application materials, they must also submit the following:

Transfer Credits

First-year candidates who have received college credit for college-level courses and who can produce an official transcript from an accredited college or university may expect to receive credit for courses within the liberal arts tradition for which she has earned a minimum of C. A preliminary evaluation of transfer credits is made at the time of admission to provide the applicant with an indication of her class standing. A final evaluation is made by the Chatham registrar before registration.

All transfer credit must be submitted to the University prior to initial matriculation. Courses submitted for transfer after initial matriculation will not be accepted. This includes all AP credit, CLEP credit, and courses completed at previous institutions of higher education.