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Chatham University

Master of Science in Athletic Training Learning Outcomes


  • To educate athletic trainers who are qualified to practice in an ethical, legal, safe and effective manor
  • To educate athletic trainers who demonstrate critical thinking and clinical decision making skills based on the application of scientific evidence
  • To educate athletic trainers who provide comprehensive care in the areas of prevention/screening, evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation
  • To educate athletic trainers who demonstrate professionalism, altruism, advocacy and the ability to work as an effective Interprofessional member of a healthcare team


At the completion of the program the graduate will:

  • Apply principles of evidence-based clinical decision making in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of athletes
  • Practice in a collegial/interprofessional manner that demonstrates cultural sensitivity and competence with individual athletes
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the acute and emergency care of athletes.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the screening, examination and therapeutic treatment of athletes
  • Apply concepts of prevention and health promotion in the care of athletes
  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and nonverbal communication skills with athletes, members of the healthcare team and relevant stakeholders
  • Apply principles of healthcare administration and delivery in a manner that complies with the legal, ethical and regulatory systems
  • Advocate for the profession, patient/clients and relevant communities in the public and legislative domains
  • Develop professional self-assessment skills and formulate a career development plan