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Miriam (Mim) Seidel MS, RD, LDN

Miriam (Mim) Seidel
Community Based Education and Internship Coordinator
Hometown : Pittsburgh
Joined Chatham : 2010

Academic Areas of Interest

Nutrition; Access to food issues; Food system issues, Obesity prevention,Cchronic disease prevention,

Personal Areas of Interest

Cross country skiing, gardening, running


Mim Seidel is a registered dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutrition. Her areas of expertise include public health nutrition and principles; chronic disease prevention and wellness; translational research and program planning and development. Professionally, Mim has focused on public health and underserved communities. Among other positions, she was a WIC Coordinator in Syracuse and the Chronic Disease Prevention Program Manager at the local health Pittsburgh where she assessed disease rates and implemented programs to address the needs. Most recently, Mim was the PI of an urban and rural diabetes prevention program in SW PA. Mim’s interest in and commitment to access to food and food system issues is shown in her volunteer experiences. In the mid-1980's, Mim was a member of the Onondaga County (Syracuse) Food System Council and from 1990 – 1992, Mim was on the Mayor’s Food Policy Commission (Pittsburgh) which explored supermarket access in city housing communities. In the mid- 1990's she worked with several partners to create an Allegheny County Food System Council. She has been active with Just Harvest, a local anti-hunger advocacy organization and involved with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank since 2000. Mim is in her fourth year as a Board member and her sixth year as chair of the Food and Nutrition Committee of the Food Bank where she was instrumental in moving the Food Bank to look at quality as well as quantity of food.


  • MS in Nutrition, Boston University, 1980; BS in Nutrition Penn State University, 1978


  • Seidel MC; Powell RO, Zgibor JC, Siminerio LM, Piatt GA: Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program into an Urban Underserved Community. Diabetes Care 31: 684 -689, 2008


  • Commission on Dietetic Registration: Nutrition; Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist




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