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Charlotte E. Lott Ph.D.

Charlotte E. Lott

Associate Professor of Economics
Joined Chatham : 1985

Academic Areas of Interest

economic development, microcredit, outcomes assessment



  • Lott, Charlotte E. “Why Women Matter: The Story of Microcredit.” Journal of Law and Commerce, Vol. 27, Issue 2, Spring 2009. pp. 219-230.



  • Board of Directors of Oikocredit Western Pennsylvania


  • Served on Faculty Review Committee, 2006/07 – 2008/09; Chair 1 year
  • Served on Curriculum Committee on General Education, 2002/03 – 2007/08; Chair 4 years
  • Served as Faculty Liaison for Blackboard, 1999/2000 – 2006/07
  • Served as Associate Dean, Office of Academic Affairs, 2001/02 – 2002/03
  • Served as Faculty Director, Carnegie Technology Education (CTE) Partnership, 2001 – 2003
  • Served on Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1998/99- 2000/01; 2004/05.
  • Served on Academic Policy Committee, 1994/95 - 1996/97; Chair 2 years
  • Served on Budgetary Priorities Committee, 1986/87 - 1992/93; Chair 3 years
  • Served on Faculty Remuneration Committee, 1986/87 - 1989/90


  • Michelmore, Christina W. and Lott, Charlotte E. “Egypt in the 21st Century.” Presented at Great Decisions Series sponsored by World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, Nov. 11, 2009.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “The Basics of the G20: What to Expect from the Pittsburgh Summit.” Presented at Global Issues Lecture Series. Sponsored by Global Solutions Education Fund; Global Studies Program and International Business Center, University of Pittsburgh. September 17, 2009.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “Women in Development Textbooks.” Presented at Teaching Economics: Instruction and Classroom Based Research, 20th Annual Conference, Robert Morris University (Moon Township, PA) Feb. 2009.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “What is Microfinance?” Presented at Microfinance and the Law, Conference sponsored by the Journal of Law and Commerce, Law & Entrepreneurship Program and University of Pittsburgh School of Law, (Pittsburgh, PA) Feb. 2009.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “Islam and the West: Dialogue of Cultures.” Presented at Contemporary Egypt Shaped by the Past: A Series of Workshops for Teachers, Grades 12; Workshop 3 Egypt: Perception and Politics, Global Studies Program, University Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh, Feb. 7, 2009.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “The Future of Microcredit.” Presented at Gender Fender Benders, MOSAIC 2008, Carnegie Mellon University, February 24, 2008.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “Microcredit: Small Loans, Big Change.” Presented at Global Exchange: Trade, Rights & Welfare in the New World Economy, International Festival, Carnegie Mellon University, November 3, 2007.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. and Joseph A. Wister. “Integration of Academic Skills in General Education Courses: How Rubrics Can Help.” Presented at 47th Annual Meeting of the Association for General & Liberal Studies, Oct. 19, 2007.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. and Lynda Barner West. “Community and Computers: Pervasive Computing at a Liberal Arts College.” Presented at EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, December 3-4, 2001.
  • Lott, Charlotte E. “Online and On Campus: Assessing a Web-Based Course Management System in Traditional Courses.” Presented at Syllabus2000, The Premier Conference on Technology in Education, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, July 26, 2000.
  • Lott, Charlotte E., Christina W. Michelmore, Marilyn Sullivan-Cosetti, and Joseph Wister. “Measuring the Impact of Service Learning on Student Development and Behavior.” Presented at The Fourth Canadian-American Conference on the First-Year Experience, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 1995.