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College is meant to be an unparalleled time in students' lives. It is a time to learn, explore, and grow, offering students opportunities to discover themselves while preparing to start lives and careers of purpose, value, and fulfilling work. And it's meant to be fun, too.

At Chatham we believe that life outside of the classroom can be just as educational and rewarding as time in it, and so we work to provide the opportunities, resources, and services that will achieve that. We do that by building a campus community that strives to be a community for all students, respecting diversity and being inclusive of everyone. We value different backgrounds, perspectives, and interests, and you'll most likely find groups of students who value the same things you do.

We encourage students to go out and experience what Chatham has to offer by getting involved and making a difference not only for the campus, but for themselves.

Chatham Campus Student Organizations

More than 60 clubs and organizations across campus with which to get involved, take your passions to the next level, and try new things.

Chatham Housing & Residence Life

See our residence halls that are a window to Chatham's past while being steps from the amenities that make Pittsburgh great.

Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs works to make your Chatham student experience as fun, safe, healthy and enriching as possible.

Chatham University Programs & Services

Chatham students have a lot of opportunities and services at their fingertips. See what's waiting for you.

Office of Student Affairs

Campus Life at Chatham is advanced by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), which works across campus and into the community to create opportunities for students' personal, educational, and professional growth. The Office of Student Affairs strives to bring people together to share the Chatham campus experience by supporting and promoting the building of community, leadership, and student engagement OSA consists of:

Together, our offices work together to create a healthy and safe environment for students in order to make outstanding and rewarding college experiences for Chatham students.

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The best way to experience campus life at Chatham is to pay us a visit. You can schedule a visit with a tour through Chatham admissions or join us for an upcoming event that interests you.

See more of what is going on at Chatham by following @ChathamU on our social properties.

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Chatham + Pittsburgh

One of the best parts of student life at Chatham is that it extends well beyond our campuses. As a Chatham student you have the growing city of Pittsburgh at your fingertips, with countless opportunities to be entertained, get involved, or make a difference. Start here »