Chatham University

Campus Resources

Your Deans and Academic Resources

Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Jenna Templeton, Ed.D.

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

(412) 365-1157
2nd Floor, Mellon Hall

Career Development

JKM Library

PACE (Programs for Academic Confidence & Excellence)

Academic Outreach Centers & Programs

Center for Women's Entrepreneurship at Chatham (The Center)

Center for The Study of Conflict

Fourth River

Global Focus Program

Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics (PCWP)

Pittsburgh Teachers Institute (PTI)

Rachel Carson Institute (RCI)

Office of Sustainability

Curricular Support & Resources

Textbook Buyback: Book buyback time is during Fall and Spring finals. Students will receive 50% of the purchase price unless a title isn't being used on campus next term, or the bookstore has excess. Books will then be sold to a national used book wholesaler as a convenience to students.

Text Rental: Textbook rental offers students the option of renting their course materials at large savings ? on average over 50% up-front savings over the cost of purchasing a new book. Not all course materials will be available for rental. Register for text rental at,, or click on the link on the bookstore?s website.

IKON Copy Center
Services include printing or copying in black & white and color, as well as finishing options, such as four different binding choices, laminating, transparency or sticky making, poster printing, precision cutting (for tickets or cards), etc.

Information Technology (IT) & Network Resources

Campus Living & Dining

Living On Campus

Graduate Student Housing

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Dining Services

Public Safety

Parking & Transportation

Bike Collective

Chatham Shuttle Service

Parking at Chatham

Port Authority



Campus Resources & Services


For your convenience a Dollar Bank ATM is located in the student lounge on the first floor of the Carriage House and on the second floor of Chatham Eastside (at the cafeteria entrance).


Athletics and Fitness Center (AFC) Lockers - Users wishing to purchase semester locker privileges may do so on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost is $40 per semester for a full locker and $20 per semester for a small locker. For more information, contact Ron Giles at

Carriage House Lockers - Lockers located in the Carriage House, next to the student lounge, are designated for commuter students to lighten the load of items they need to carry back and forth to campus. These lockers are free of charge on a first-come first-serve and semester-by-semester basis. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 412-365-1286 or by email

Lost & Found

Lost or found items may be posted on myChatham under CU Lost and Found, located on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Post Office

The Post Office receives and sends packages throughout the week through US Postal Service and UPS. The Post Office stocks all UPS supplies such as priority mail flat rate boxes, envelopes, and stamps. For more information, please call 412-365-1270.

Public Safety

Communique Student Newspaper

The Communique is Chatham's student newspaper which contains campus news, information on events and activities, and local and national news of interest to the Chatham community. Members of the Communiqué staff can be reached at

Social & Physical Wellness

Alumni Relations

Athletic and Fitness Center

Counseling Services

Student Health Services


Student Accounts and Financial Aid

Office of Registrar

Office of Student Accounts

Office of Student Financial Services

Student Employment

Student Lounges

Carriage House Student Lounge (Woodland-Shadyside Campus)

Woodland Student Lounge (Outside of Residence Life Offices, next to the IT helpdesk)
Falk Student Lounge (Falk Hall)
2nd Floor Study Lounge (Eastside-Shadyside Campus)
Mezzanine Level Student Lounge (Eastside-Shadyside Campus)

List of Helpful Numbers

Academic Affairs 412-365-1157
Admissions 412-365-1825
Alumni Relations 412-365-1517
Athletics, Recreation & Intramurals 412-365-1649
Babysitting Referral Service 412-365-1507
Bookstore 412-365-1661
Campus Police 412-365-1111
Career Development 412-365-1209
College for Continuing and Professional Studies 412-365-1417
College for Graduate Studies 412-365-1711
College for Women 412-365-2467
Communique (Student Newspaper) 412-365-1622
Copy Center (IKON) 412-365-1108
Counseling Services 412-365-2973
Dean of Students & Student Affairs 412-365-1286
Dining Services 412-365-1659
Financial Aid 412-365-2797
Gatehouse 412-365-2906
Health Services 412-365-1714
Information Technology 412-365-1112
International Affairs 412-365-2714
JKM Library 412-365-1670
PACE (Programs for Academic Confidence & Excellence) Center 412-365-1523
Post Office 412-365-1270
Public Safety 412-365-1230
Registrar 412-365-2797
Residence Life 412-365-1518
Student Accounts 412-365-2797
Student Activities 412-365-1281
Tutoring 412-365-1523