Chatham University

Veterans & Military Students Experience

Chatham University is honored to have the opportunity to serve those who have served in all military capacities. As a liberal arts private educational institution with graduate opportunities, Chatham understands the unique opportunities presented to all military students and is equipped with a team of faculty and staff who are able and willing to assist. Our intent is to provide quality education and assist with bridging the financial gap between your benefits and the cost of education plus offer you a college experience that will prepare you for your next steps. Thank you for serving our country and world so selflessly. Now, let us introduce to you "The Military Student Experience" at Chatham University – let us serve you.

Zauyah Waite

Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs And Dean of Students,
Office of Student Affairs
Phone: (412) 365-1286
Office Location: Woodland Hall, 1st Floor

Darlene Motley, PhD

Darlene Motley, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Arts, Science & Business
Phone: (412) 365-2970 
Office Location: Mellon, 1st Floor