Chatham University

Student Veteran & Military Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs has assigned each of its staff members to serve as a liaison between particular student groups and the University in an effort to reach out and serve these students in the best way possible through regular communication and targeted programming and events. If students have any questions or need more information, the Student Veteran liaison is:

Zauyah Waite, Ph.D.
Chatham University
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Office of Student Affairs
Carriage House, 1st Floor
Woodland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
412-365-2794 (p) 412-365-1620 (f) 419-309-7207 (cell)


In a nationwide survey conducted by the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals titled From Soldier to Student: Easing the Transition of Service Members of Campus (April 2012), Chatham comparably offers most initiatives necessary to support this transition for Student Veterans. For answers on how these services are provided click the links below:

Has Chatham increased the number of veteran services, programs and staff on campus?

Chatham University offers a variety of services to all Military Students which are marketed through the Military Student Experience Website and Brochure. There are also appointed resource staff members and liaisons in departments such as Student Affairs and Admissions. Military Student specific programming is offered all year round.

Are there increased counseling services or off-campus referral programs?

All members of the Counseling Services staff and interns have completed a Veteran specific online training course. Plus there are connections with the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Are there Established Marketing and Outreach Strategies?

Chatham has a dedicated Student Veterans Admissions Counselor, Military Student Experience Website and marketing brochure.

Are there trained counseling staff to assist students with PTSD, brain injuries and other health issues?

All members of the University’s Counseling services staff have completed the online courses Military Cultural Competence and Working with Service Members and Veterans with PTSD from the training website:

Is there an established office or department specifically for student veterans, dependents or students in the reserves?

Although there is not one office dedicated specifically to military students, there are many services and departments that accommodate all the unique needs set forth for students.

  • Office of Student Affairs and Dean of Students sends out regular e-communications and activities specific for military students, as well as oversee orientation programs for all students
  • PACE offers support for students that are necessary to achieve academic excellence
  • Academic Affairs works with active duty and veteran students for instances of quick re-enrollment to Chatham and with the student deployment policy
  • Office of Student Accounts works with the GI Bill® and Yellow Ribbon Program to ensure that military students and dependents are aware of all financial aids available to them 
    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at
  • Office of the Registrar works with current and incoming students to ensure that their Certificate of Eligibility is on file so that students receive all of their veteran benefits 

Are alternative curriculum delivery formats such as online education and or weekend/evening classes available?

Both online education and evening/weekend classes are offered in the undergraduate and graduate programs. The Student Veteran specific admissions counselor and academic advisors can assist with scheduling classes. An admission representative also does outreach at the Military Expo in Pittsburgh to recruit and communicate related information with incoming students.

Does Chatham award credit for military training and occupational experience?

Students may earn credit for military training via the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program.

Does Chatham have provisions for coursework completed at later dates in the case of being called to service?

The respective academic deans allow for students to complete their course work at later dates as stated in the Student Deployment Policy supported by Academic Affairs.

What is Chatham's Student Deployment Policy?

When a student in the Reserves or in the National Guard is called to active duty, the student must notify the Program Director and provide proof of deployment prior to being deployed. The proof may be faxed, mailed, or hand-carried to the Program Director and forwarded to the office of the Dean, who will then forward it to the Registrar. Proof may take the form of general orders cut by the company commander. When a student is activated during the term, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounts policies will take effect. Please contact these three offices for specific information. If a student is called to active duty near the end of the term, the student and faculty members may determine that incomplete (I) grades are more appropriate. In this case, tuition will not be waived. For more information connect with the Office of Academic Affairs or connect with your college dean.

Does Chatham offer an expedited re-enrollment process?

If a student is on leave for less than one year, she/he will need clearance from Academic Affairs to return. If more than one year, Admission verifies with Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Student Accounts that the student is in good standing and re-enrollment is expeditiously granted.

Does Chatham offer career planning or career services?

Career services are offered to all students. Visit the Career Development Web site for more information.

Does Chatham offer tutoring and academic support?

The PACE Center provides services for all students.

Does Chatham host campus socials and cultural events?

Chatham hosts multiple events that are open to all students which can be found on the Activities Calendar, Intranet, as well as emails and bulletin board flyers. In addition there are several events hosted throughout the fall and spring semesters that are dedicated to bringing awareness and honor to all of the Chatham community veterans.