Chatham University

Graduate & Gateway Student Housing

Chatham University offers six housing options on our Shadyside Campus and one option on the Eden Hall Campus. Tenants have easy access to campus activities, services, and resources.

While each housing options has unique features and amenities, all seven housing options offer the following amenities:

  • Ten-month academic year leases (two terms of five months each), with an optional summer extension for June/July
  • Utilities (water, heat, electricity, garbage/recycling, cable, Wi-Fi internet, data ports, and gas) are included in rent
  • Closets space in each housing option
  • Charges for rent are applied directly to a student’s account
  • Secure swipe card access to building
  • Regular patrol by Chatham University Public Safety
  • Laundry facilities in each building; free for residents
  • Parking available in close proximity to all housing options. Register and pay at (except Maryland Duplex residents, who are able to purchase a Pittsburgh parking permit for street parking)
  • Several Port Authority bus routes run along Fifth Avenue and have stops near each apartment building. Chatham students ride public transportation for free with a Chatham Student ID.
  • 24-Hour emergency support by the Office of Residence Life & Student Activities and Chatham University Public Safety.

In order to register and secure a graduate housing space, please complete the graduate housing application available on The housing application can be found under documents & forms.  Your non-refundable $150.00 housing deposit must be paid to Student Accounts in order to view and complete the online application. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Student Activities at 412-365-1518 or The Residence Life Office is committed to providing community centered housing options that promote respect and accountability for all students.



Housing charges include monthly rent and all utilities (electric, water, gas, heat, waste removal/recycling, cable, internet, and laundry). The charge is billed to a student's account in two billing cycles - once in the fall and then once in the spring semester. Students registered for the Fall semester may request to live in housing over the summer months (June/July) and approval will be based on housing availability and assignments. A summer charge will be applied separately from the fall and spring charges for these months.

Before signing a lease, students are advised to consult the Office of Financial Aid so that they understand how their financial aid package will be affected by these housing costs


Furnished Apartments

Chatham offers some apartment options that come fully furnished for your convenience. Residents living in furnished apartments will pay a higher housing cost based on the furniture. All furnished apartments include the following items:

  • Twin Extra Long Bed(s)
  • Dresser(s)
  • Desk(s) and Desk Chair(s)
  • Dining Room Table and Chairs
  • Sofa, Coffee Table, End Table

Please note that the number of items vary by the type of housing option and are based on the number of bedrooms. All furnishings must remain in the housing option throughout the duration of the lease.



The Residence Life Office does not assign graduate students with a roommate and does not require any graduate student to have a roommate. Because there is no formal matching process, residents are encouraged to find their own roommate(s). Those interested in finding another Chatham University Student my contact the Residence Life Office for assistance, but residents are reminded that they are not guaranteed a roommate. Graduate Students are permitted to live with any person of their choosing, including family members, non-Chatham students, or friends.


Work Orders

All Chatham University-owned housing is serviced by the Facilities Management Department. When issues in housing arise, tenants are responsible for submitted all issues in writing to the Residence Life Office so that they may be entered as Work Orders. Work Orders may be submitted via email ( or over the phone at 412-365-1518. If a work order is left via voicemail, the tenant should send a follow-up email as well.

Emergency work orders (i.e. flooding, plumbing issues, gas leaks) should be submitted via phone to the Residence Life Office at 412-365-1518 during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). All after-hour emergencies should be reported to Residence Life On-Call at 412-951-0003.


Housing Options - Shadyside Campus

Hicks Estate (5812 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh PA)

Hicks Estate

Hicks Estate was a private mansion in another life and offers a quiet and community-centered atmosphere. It is consistently one of the most sought after apartment options on the Shadyside Campus. Located just off Fifth Avenue, this complex resonates with a combination of charm and modernity. Housing options in Hicks Estate consist primarily of a limited number of one-bedroom and two-bedroom furnished and unfurnished units.

  • Hicks Kitchen

Hicks Estate Amenities and Features

  • Unfurnished Apartments
  • Limited availability of furnished apartments
  • WiFi
  • Utilities all inclusive
  • Connection to Chatham internet
  • Kitchen: Full size range, oven, & refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Parking on-campus w/ Chatham

2019-2020 Rates

  • One Bedroom - Unfurnished
    $6,680.00 per term
  • One Bedroom - Furnished
    $7,345.00 per term
  • One Bedroom w/Loft - Furnished
    $8,343.00 per term
  • One Bedroom w/Loft - Unfurnished
    $7,680.00 per term
  • Two Bedroom - Unfurnished
    $7,680.00 per term
  • Two Bedroom - Furnished
    $8,343.00 per term
  • * 10-month academic year lease, with an optional summer extension for June and July if available

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Duplex at Maryland (929 Maryland Avenue, Pittsburgh PA)

Duplex at Maryland

Near the Shadyside Campus located on Maryland Avenue is the Duplex. This housing option provides the most privacy of any of our graduate housing while still allowing for the convenience of being located on the Fifth Avenue bus line. The Duplex is a three-bedroom unit that allows for three residents to live com-fortably and with their own personal space or is a perfect option for students with a family.

Duplex at Maryland Amenities and Features

  • Unfurnished Apartments
  • Utilities all inclusive
  • WiFi
  • Kitchen: Full size range, oven, & refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Street parking available on Mary-land Avenue with a Pittsburgh

2019-2020 Rates

  • Three Bedroom - Unfurnished
    $8,040.00 per term
  • * 10-month academic year lease, with an optional summer extension for June and July if available

Housing Options - Eden Hall Campus

Orchard Hall (6166 Ridge Road, Gibsonia PA)

The University's newest housing option, Orchard Hall opened in the 2015-2016 academic year. Located on the Eden Hall Campus in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, Orchard Hall embodies the Chatham mission of imple-menting sustainable practices and being environmentally focused. Orchard Hall utilizes state-of-the art ge-othermal heating and cooling and has been designed with the highest possible standards of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system.

Orchard Hall provides two housing options for graduate students, consisting of either a single room with a shared community bathroom on the floor or a single room in a two-person suite with a private bathroom shared with one other student. Kitchenette units are located on each floor and students are able to enjoy delicious food in the Esther Barazzone Center. Graduate residents are required to purchase a Rachel Meal Plan (at minimum). Orchard Hall is the most economical housing option for students and provides an opportunity to live sustainably.

Orchard Hall Amenities and Features

  • Furnished residence hall rooms
  • Utilities all inclusive
  • Wi-Fi connection to Chatham internet
  • Community Kitchenettes located on each floor
  • Lounge spaces available to all residents in the building atrium
  • Community bathrooms for single rooms and private bathrooms in each suite-style room
  • Cougar-Level Meal Plan Required when selecting this housing option
  • Free on-campus parking at Eden Hall

2019-2020 Rates

  • Single Room
    $1,350 per term
  • Suite-Style Room
    $1,425.00 per term
  • * 10-month academic year lease, with an optional summer extension for June and July if available

Housing Options - Off-Campus (Near Shadyside Campus)

Kennilworth Apartments (5700 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh PA)

Kennilworth Apartments

Kennilworth Apartments are off-campus one-bedroom unfurnished apartments that are located on Centre Avenue within walking distance of Market District and other popular stores. These units are a five to ten minute drive to the Shadyside Campus and offer the convenience of living off-campus, but still residing within close proximity to Chatham University. Students residing at this apartment are responsible for paying for cable and internet.

  • bedroom
  • bedroom

Kennilworth Amenities and Features

  • Unfurnished
  • Utilities all included, except cable and internet
  • Kitchen: Full size range, oven & refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garage parking ($75 per month)

2019-2020 Rates

  • One-Bedroom Unfurnished
    $6,600 per term
  • * These are 12-month leases that are charged to your Student Account each term



Previously a private home, this former mansion delivers a quiet and confortable atmosphere, while being located across the street from Chatham Apartments.  Haber consists of eight furnished, one- and two-bedroom apartments.  These comtemporary style apartments provide ample living space and were remodeled in 2008.  

2019-2020 Rates

  • One-Bedroom - Furnished
    $7,345.00 per term
  • Two-Bedroom - Furnished
    $8,343.00 per term
  • * These are 12-month leases that are charged to your Student Account each term

Additional information

We are happy to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Please contact the Office of Residence Life (412-365-1518 or if you have additional questions about moving to the Pittsburgh area.

Best wishes in your housing search!