Chatham University

Medical Accommodations

We encourage all Chatham University students to take full advantage of the residential experience by sharing rooms with other Chatham students. Students living on campus should expect to live with a roommate during their time with us. However, Chatham does recognize that rare occasions do exist when students require specific accommodations. In these cases, students can request to be assigned to or moved to a single room reserved on campus for students with unique needs, or for other accommodations. Examples include needing a room on an entry-level floor, a building with an elevator, or an exemption from the residency requirement.

While cases that warrant medical singles are rare, we make the medical accommodations process available to all students. Students seeking an accommodation will need to follow specific procedures to request a medical single and will need to plan well ahead of their arrival to Chatham University. More information, including the medical accommodations policy and Housing Disability Verification Form, can be accessed here.

The following procedure is in place for students who face life-threatening conditions that require their assignment to a medical single, an exception to the residency requirement, meal plan exemption, or a release from their annual housing contract (Terms and Conditions of Residency) during their study at Chatham University:

  • The student must provide a formal, written request for a medical single, addressed to the Assistant Director of Residence Life & Student Activities. This request must come directly from, and be signed by, the student in the form of a cover letter.
  • The students can make an appointment with Student Health, Counseling, of Disability Services staff at Chatham University to review their request.
  • Students must work with a physician or medical professional to document any medical conditions. Both the student and the medical professional complete sections of the Housing Disability Verification Form. It is the student’s responsibility to make any appointments and submit any follow-up information, as requested.
  • Once students submit all necessary paperwork, all requests move forward for confidential review by the medical accommodations committee. This committee includes the Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Office of Academic & Accessibility Resources, Director of Student Health & Wellness, Manager of Facilities Services, Parkhurst Dining General Manager, and Assistant Director of Residence Life.
  • Upon complete review, the committee decides if a student's condition warrants need for a medical accommodation and the method for making the accommodation.

Questions regarding Chatham's Medical Accommodation Policy can be directed to the Assistant Director of Residence Life at 412-365-1518 or Students planning to or that currently live on campus with non-Housing/Dining accommodation needs should communicate those needs through the Office of Academic & Accessibility Resources.