Chatham University

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs is responsible for leading efforts to build and sustain a diverse and culturally vibrant campus, which promotes multicultural education and student success and retention. Multicultural Affairs supports Chatham University’s educational goals and strategic plan by embracing a social justice and intersectional identity approach to its diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Multicultural Affairs considers and affirms the role of multiple identities with relationship to various social contexts and interlocking systems of power, privilege, and oppression in shaping the experiences of the students we serve. Ultimately, we are working towards Chatham University’s goal of "building lives of purpose and fulfilling work" through the development of an active and engaged citizenry.


Work in a collaborative spirit to foster an equitable environment across many intersections that grows a campus of inclusive excellence.

Multicultural Affairs seeks to:

  1. Explore ways of knowing, teaching, and learning related to differences in identity assisting anyone interested in reflecting on how issues of inclusion, exclusion, power, and privilege play out in higher education and in larger communities.
  2. Educate faculty, staff, and students to be equity and inclusion advocates providing a repository of resources, programs, and environments that reflect the diversity of our community and increase cultural awareness.
  3. Provide an affirming and supportive environment for students.
  4. Collaborate with other university units to address intergroup disparities in areas such as representation, retention, and campus climate.

To accomplish this goal, we host and collaborate on a number of events and activities throughout the school year to enrich the social, academic, and professional development experience of the Chatham community. We invite you to attend any of our events, become involved in these efforts by volunteering for a Heritage or History Month committee, or even sponsor an event in your own unit. The vision works better when we are all in it together.