Chatham University

Residence Life

Residence Life supports the mission of the University through a student centered dedication to undergraduate and graduate education.

The Shadyside Campus houses approximately 500 undergraduates and 100 graduate students in a mixture of traditional residence halls and apartments. The residence halls located on the upper portion of campus are rich in tradition and beauty, while the apartments offer a balance of independent living, residence life amenities, and services.

Upper class students overwhelmingly agree that one of the best parts of living on campus as a First Year student is having a roommate. All incoming residential students complete a Roommate Survey once they are accepted to the University. The Office of Residence Life matches roommates according to their study habits, sleep habits and co-curricular interests.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors may choose their own roommates each year at room selection. If you are an upperclass student returning to Chatham after a time away, or decide mid-year that you'd like to live on campus, please contact the Office of Residence Life at, 412-365-1518.

What is a Graduate Resident Director (GRD)?

Chatham University currently employs a total of four Graduate Resident Directors in the buildings and apartments across campus. The GRD is part-time professional staff member and full-time student who oversees the day to day operation of a residence hall or apartment complex. GRDs can be found working within the residence hall and in the main office. They supervise a staff of Resident Assistants and meet with any students who have housing concerns.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

Chatham University currently employs 20 Resident Assistants in the buildings and apartments across campus. A Resident Assistant (RA) serves as a community developer in the residence halls, striving to create a living-learning environment, which supports academic achievement and promotes personal development. The RA serves as a resource person, programmer, peer educator, manager, and a role model. RAs are responsible for promoting the general welfare of all residence hall students and for helping each individual resident develop educationally and personally. Famous and successful people like Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric and Sarah McLaughlin all started out their careers with an RA position.

Are you interested in learning more about Residence Life job opportunities?

RA selection begins late in the fall semester and consists of an application process, individual interviews, and a group process day. Any student who is selected as an RA is required to enroll and complete the SDE-138 class, maintain a 2.5 GPA, maintain a full-time student status, and successfully complete all job requirements. GRD selection begins early in the spring semester and consists of an application process and a half-day interview process with various Student Affairs staff members. While employed by the Office of Residence Life, all Graduate Resident Directors are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA, full-time student status, and successfully complete all job requirements.

If you have questions or are interested in joining our team, feel free to ask an Office of Residence Life staff member.