Chatham University

Office of Student Affairs

The mission of Student Affairs is to work in a collaborative spirit with the campus community to encourage the learning and success of all Chatham University students through student-centered values, actions and outcomes. We strive to be a model division characterized by student centered and innovative programs that exceed students' expectations while increasing student retention.

The goal of the many services and departments that make up the Student Affairs family is to bring people together to share the Chatham campus experience by supporting and promoting the building of community, leadership, and student involvement. Our collection of offices are much more than great facilities – we are a committed, ready, and able staff focused on helping make great things happen for Chatham students. It's often said that college is the best time of a student's life. We work to make that a reality for our students, while also challenging them to go out and experience all that Chatham has to offer by getting involved and making a difference not only for themselves, but also the campus community.

Some of the best learning at college takes place outside of the classroom. Chatham is truly a unique, dynamic, and diverse campus with many things to offer. We encourage students to take the time to get to know all the student affairs departments and connect with all that we have to offer. As a staff, Student Affairs feels fortunate to call Chatham home and we hope students will as well.

Community Core Values

We Value:

  • Students as our central focus
  • Honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethics above all else
  • An environment that celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and respect for individual differences
  • A competitive spirit where everyone is challenged to give their best for a common cause
  • Feedback and constructive criticism to improve our level of service
  • A balanced workplace that focuses on health, personal well-being and flexibility

We Offer:

  • Opportunities for students to develop social, leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • A platform where students can initiate personal ideas and programs
  • An engaged staff who listens, cares and can empathize with students and their personal situations
  • A supportive and challenging environment that enhances students' intellectual growth and development of practical skills
  • A venue for students to gain transferable skills to assist them in their future career endeavors

We Strive:

  • To serve the campus as a central point of student interaction both inside and outside the classroom
  • To remain committed to Chatham and its mission initiatives
  • To offer a collaborative work environment among departments with a focus on teamwork, open communication and shared goals
  • To gain knowledge and a greater understanding of the human culture and our personal and social responsibilities in a democratic society
  • To remain humble, reflective, and focused on achieving our goals and living the Student Affairs mission and vision in all of our actions