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QUIZ and Register for Orientation

QUIZ and Register for Orientation

You are almost done! Complete your New & Transfer Student Orientation Quiz to test your knowledge and then register for Orientation.

New Student Quiz

  1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) needs completed each year; true or false?

  2. How do I register for classes?

    Academic Advisor
    Bring a add form to the Registrar
    On the Online Portal
    None of the Above
  3. How are student refunds issued when a student account shows a credit balance?

    Directly deposited into your bank account
    Mailed checks to your home address
    Refunds are carried over for next semester
    All of the above
  4. There is a small charge for Counseling Services, even if you are a full-time registered student; true or false?

  5. All students who have completed less than 4 semesters of college are required to live on campus for their first two years except ______

    Students who want to live in an off-campus apartment in Pittsburgh.
    Students who live with a parent/legal guardian no more than 30 miles away from campus and gateway students.
    Student who live with a parent/legal guardian no more than 50 miles away from campus.
    Students who are afraid of the ghost of Woodland Hall.
  6. All guests must be signed in and out of the residence hall even if a desk attendant is not working.

  7. What are the University Colors?

    Purple & White
    Orange & White
    Green & White
    Blue & White
  8. Who must complete AlcoholEdu?

    Students living on campus
    Commuter students
    Transfer students
    All new & transfer students
  9. Over the summer, all new & transfer students must:

    Complete the health forms
    Review the summer reading list
    Complete phase one of AlcoholEdu
    All of the Above
  10. New & Transfer Student Orientation is mandatory for all students.


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