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Would you consider yourself a self-motivated athlete? Thrive on teamwork? Jump at the chance for casual competition? If you’re nodding your head vigorously to these questions you’re in luck. Intramurals are happening now! They are a great way to participate in athletic completion and are open to the entire campus community. All contests are played between 9:00-11:00 p.m.

The mission of the Intramurals Sports Program at Chatham University is to promote health and wellness, social interaction, fun, and self-satisfaction through leisure sports. Through active participation in our Intramurals Sports, students will be able to meet new people, practice effective social and leadership skills, and experience overall personal growth.

The goal of the Intramurals Sports Program at Chatham University is to establish an entertaining and inviting environment for participant’s at all athletic levels. Chatham’s Intramural program strives to foster the development of life skills through sports.

The values of the Intramurals Sports Program at Chatham University are:



Dani Pais

Dani Pais, AFC Coordinator


Fall 2012 Intramurals


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IM Registration

Intramural registration is open to all current students, faculty and staff members. Teams may be co-ed, unless otherwise noted. All intramural registrations must meet the sign up deadline. Participants may register as a full team or as an individual free agent. The Intramurals Staff will assign free agents to team. All participants must sign a liability waiver prior to participation. Registration can be done in person on the 2nd floor of the AFC, or on mychatham under happenings. Below is the link to the sign up forms. A team representative must be at the meeting to register your team.