Chatham University



University Break Periods
The University observes several break periods throughout the year. Please refer to the current year Terms and Conditions of Residency for occupancy dates.

Early Arrivals
Students may not return to campus before published move-in dates in August or January with-out permission of the Office of Residence Life. First time resident students moving in from far-ther than four hours away may request permission to move in one day before New Student Ori-entation begins. Only students restricted by travel arrangements and pre-approved students who have a significant and critical role in the opening of the academic term will be allowed to return to campus prior to opening day. Students who arrive early without permission will not be issued a key, will not be given access to the room, and will be asked to vacate the premises by University officials. Students and their families are expected to plan work schedules, vaca-tions, etc., around the University move-in dates and times.

Late Stays
Students are required to vacate their rooms within 24 hours after their last final exam. Failure to leave within this timeframe will result in disciplinary action, fines and being asked to vacate the premises by University officials. Travel plans should be made well in advance; exceptions will not be made because of poor planning.

Spring Break, Long Weekend, Thanksgiving
The residence halls remain open during these university break periods. Students may be asked to register to stay during this time for the office of residence life to ensure appropriate staffing.

Winter Break
Chatham’s residence halls and apartment only close during the academic year during Winter Break. During this time, the residence halls and apartments are closed. Woodland Hall and Laughlin House remain open only to International residents who can not go home for the break and do not have alternative housing available to them. If you think you may need hous-ing at any time during Winter Break, you should live in one of those buildings for the entire year. Residents in Woodland and Laughlin will be contacted to register for winter housing around Thanksgiving. Failure to request Winter Break housing before students move into fall housing will likely result in future requests being declined due to lack of living space available. Food service and residence life staff may not be available during winter break and students are responsible for making their own provisions.