Chatham University

New Students

First year students are matched based on the information self-reported on the roommate questionnaire. By hand matching roommates and not using an automated system like larger schools, we are able to match the reported living styles and find compatible interests. After their first year, residents find their own roommates and pick their rooms through Room Selection in late March/early April.

Newly admitted students should pay a $150 advanced housing reservation fee shortly after their admission to be assigned to campus housing. After deciding to attend Chatham and paying the initial deposits, students will receive the New Student Information Packet at their mailing address. Students need to complete the Residential Student Survey through the CampusVue portal to be assigned to campus housing. Students submitting their application by May 1st  will be assigned a room and roommate by the end of May.

Students are notified of their housing assignment and roommate(s) via email to their Chatham University email account. Students requesting housing after May 1st will be assigned as spaces are available. Any questions about housing assignments should be addressed directly to the Office of Residence Life & Student Activities - Student Affairs. Chatham University Residence Life offers a choice of several campus residential options, each with its own special features. Only full-time registered students are eligible to participate in Room Selection and live on campus. By participating in room selection and signing a housing contract, students agree to abide by all University policies and procedures. The housing contract extends for the full academic year and cannot be broken at any time. Students not in good financial standing, as determined by the Office of Student Accounts, will have their housing assignments deleted.