Chatham University

Fire Safety

Reporting a Fire

Fires should be immediately reported to the camps police at 412.365.1111. Pittsburgh Police, Fire, and EMS can be reached by dialing 911.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills are conducted in student housing twice a year by Student Affairs, Facilities Management and Public Safety.

Fire Safety Policies

Smoke detectors have been installed in each student room for the protection of the occupants in case of fire. Woodland Hall has a full sprinkler system, while Fickes Hall has a partial sprinkler system.

Smoking is not permitted in any buildings.

Residence Life permits students to use U.L. approved hot pots, coffeemakers and microwave ovens. Other types of cooking devices are not permitted or have restricted use. See the Student Handbook for additional information.

Candles, incense, space heaters and halogen lights are not permitted in student housing. See the Student Handbook for additional information.

Chatham University has detailed Fire Plans, Evacuation Plans, and Emergency Response Plans, which are posted on MyChatham.

Fire Safety Education and Training

Area Coordinators, Graduate Resident Directors, and Resident Assistants are trained and given specific information on who to contact in an emergency, how to assess an emergency, how to respond using general response steps, and how to respond to fire emergencies.

Fire Safety Improvements and Upgrades

Chatham University reviews the fire systems annually and implements upgrades, repairs, or revisions whenever issues are identified.

Evacuation Procedures

If you hear the fire alarm sound, you are required to immediately evacuate the building.

Remember RACE:

  • R – Rescue anyone in immediate danger and Remove yourself from danger.
  • A – Alarm by pulling the fire alarm and notifying Public Safety at 412.365.1111.
  • C – Contain the fire and smoke by closing doors as you evacuate.
  • E – Extinguish the fire using the proper extinguisher. If the fire is too intense, evacuate.

Once you evacuate a building, meet in the designated meeting location and/or remain a safe distance from the building until the campus police inform you that are may go back inside.

Student Housing Fire Safety Systems

Building Smoke and/or heat detectors Partial or full sprinkler system Fire extinguishers Evacuation/ Emergency information posted Redundant monitoring system
Chatham Apartments Y   Y Y Y
Chung Apartments Y   Y Y  
Fickes Hall Y Y Y Y Y
Haber Apartments Y   Y Y  
Hicks Estate Y   Y Y Y
Laughlin Apartments Y   Y Y Y
Linzer Apartments Y   Y Y  
Pelletreu Apartments Y   Y Y Y
Rea Hall Y   Y Y Y
Woodland Hall

2010 Fire Log

Date Time Location Nature of Fire Injuries Deaths Cost
Jan-Feb 12:30 Chung Apts. Cooking 0 0 $10.00
Mar-Apr     None      
May-Jun     None      
Jul-Aug 06:40 Gatehouse A/C Box 0 0 $100.00
Sep-Oct 00:36 Woodland Cooking 0 0 $5.00
Nov-Dec     None      

2011 Fire Log

Date Time Location Nature of Fire Injuries Deaths Cost
Jan-Feb     None      
March 1 14:32 Chung Apts. Cooking/smoke
April 3 20:52 Chatham Apts. Dumpster
May-Jun     None      
Jul-Aug     None      
Sep-Oct     None      
Nov-Dec     None      

2012 Fire Log

Date Time Location Nature of Fire Injuries Deaths Cost
Jan-Feb      None      
Mar-Apr     None       
May-Jun     None       
Jul-Aug      None      
Sep-Oct  14:52  Chung Apts.  Cooking  0  0  $20.00
Nov-Dec      None