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Welcome Employers and Internship Sites!

Chatham University welcomes and appreciates your interest in recruiting our students and alumni for job and internship opportunities. Upon accepting your opportunity for promotion, your posting will be accessible to students and alumni 24/7 via Handshake, our on-line job and internship database. As appropriate, we’ll use additional methods of promotion as well such as emails, fliers, e-newsletter, notice to faculty, career advising, etc. While we cannot guarantee interest, we can strongly encourage it!

Post your position on Handshake by following these simple instructions. Once you have set up your free account in Handshake, you can post new opportunities at any time, set a posting expiration date, and reactivate a previous posting.

Posting Questions?

Please visit the Handshake Help Center. Additional questions can be directed to our office at

We welcome inquiries regarding On-Campus Recruiting Activities. Please email your inquiry to Matthew Spangler, Manager of Employer Relations, at or call 412-365-1524.

In the interests of our students and alumni, we reserve the right to restrict or deny employer access to our job posting database, to on–campus recruiting, and to any other recruiting activity for reasons that include but are not limited to the following:

  • The organization’s mission does not align with Chatham’s mission
  • A recruiter has previously given false information regarding an opportunity (includes job requirements, title, duties, compensation, etc.)
  • Chatham has received a complaint from a faculty or staff member, a student, or an alum about an experience with the company/organization and Chatham’s review of the matter shows that the complaint is justified

For further guidance on the recruiting principles that Chatham University supports, please consult the guidelines promulgated by the National Assocation of Colleges and Employers (NACE) in its Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Services & Employment Professionals which can be found at

Want to know more about our Internship Program?

All undergraduates at Chatham must earn at least 3 academic credits in an internship that is related to their major or their career interests. Our students understand the value of experiential, out-of-the-classroom learning. Throughout their internship they will have contact with their faculty supervisor who will assign a grade at the end of the semester based on their academic project, compliance with the internship requirements, and your evaluation.

Internship sites as well as students have support from Lesli Somerset, our Assistant Director for Internships & Experiential Learning. Lesli is your point of contact here at Chatham for any questions or concerns you may have about your intern or our internship program. She can be reached at 412-365-1593 or at Click here for our Overview for Internship Sites.

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