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Student Employee Highlights

Chatham student employees provide mission-critical service and support to peers, faculty, staff, and community members, while gaining applied, real-world experience and developing in critical areas of professional competency.

This page highlights the impact our students have through their positions, and the ways in which student employment contributes to their professional development.

October 2016

Student: Amanda Kay Oaks

Position: Graduate Associate for Commuter, Transfer & Gateway Programs, Division of Student Affairs

Program: MFA in Creative Nonfiction, 2018

Amanda Kay Oaks

What made you decide to want to work at Chatham / in this department?

This position stood out to me as the perfect way to follow up my AmeriCorps service as a college bridge mentor for nontraditional college students. It was also a great way to get familiar with my new school.

What does your job entail (major tasks and responsibilities)?

I work with Mary Utter to plan and coordinate events for Transfer, Commuter, and Gateway students. I also attend these events and get to know the students, which is definitely my favorite part of the job. I want to be a friendly and familiar face so there’s another person students can turn to if they need help with anything. Sometimes, I also get to design awesome swag like our commuter lunchboxes.

How does this position help you to address your goals and aspirations for the future?

Ultimately I want to teach writing at the college level, so any experience that has me interacting with undergraduate students is definitely a plus. Working on events helps me keep plugged in to the social side of the student experience, which is something I don’t want to lose sight of once I’m the one assigning the homework.

The Office of Career Development emphasizes the development of professional competencies through student employment. What is one professional competency that this position will help you develop?

I think this job will most help me to develop my skills in planning, organizing, and prioritizing work. Event planning is something that’s new to me, and it’s definitely helping me grow my attention to detail and keep myself more organized so everything runs smoothly. Writers are sort of notoriously unorganized, so it’s important to me that I maintain a level of structure and order in my working life to make sure everything that needs getting done gets done.

If you could suggest one thing to other students looking for a job on campus what would it be and why?

Look for something that speaks to your goals and/or passions! I know when I first started looking for a job on campus, I was just looking for anything I could get to help pay the rent. Finding this job reminded me that even part time employment during school can help work towards your goals; plus, it’s more fun if you’re really interested in your work.