Chatham University

Graduate & Professional School Planning

Is Graduate or Professional School a good choice for you?

The answer to this question has to do with your goals, both personal and professional. If you want to be a physician, clearly, you'll have to go to medical school. If you want to be a lawyer, clearly, you'll have to go to law school. When the answer isn't quite so obvious, it's important to think through the issues with someone knowledgeable about your field of interest. You have two excellent resources here at Chatham to help you with this process:

  1. Your Academic Advisor

    Your Academic Advisor will be able to discuss which graduate programs might be best for you in light of your interests, strengths, and academic performance.

  2. A Career Consultant

    A Career Consultant in Career Development will help you explore career options that correspond to your personal goals, experience, values, and interests. She or he can provide resources that help you determine whether or not a graduate degree is preferred, essential, or unnecessary given your goals. To schedule an appointment with a Career Consultant, please click here.

Once you conclude that graduate school is in your future, you can anticipate a process that is much like the one you engaged in when you applied to college. Here are the basic steps:

+Researching Graduate & Professional Schools

+Preparing For & Taking Required Entrance Exams

+Developing Your Application

  • Most universities have on-line applications.
  • Pay attention to deadlines!
    • Graduate School Timeline.
    • Most application deadlines fall between January and March (for enrollment in the upcoming fall term).
    • For programs with rolling admission, it is to your advantage to apply early and NOT wait until the last minute.
    • Be sure to keep track of all deadlines and meet them.

Personal Statement, Resumes, and Curriculum Vitae

Recommendation Letters

Do's and Don'ts for Requesting a Recommendation Letter for Graduate School.

+Funding Graduate Or Professional School

  • Talk with a Financial Aid Representative from your college of interest.
    • Inquire about Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, Teaching Assistant and Research positions.
    • Inquire about Student Employment options.
  • Financial Aid for Graduate School

+Committing To A School

Congratulations, you’re in!

  • Visit the institutions where you were accepted, whenever possible.
  • Send Thank You letters to people who wrote recommendation letters or helped you in the application process to inform them of your success.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor and your Career Advisor to discuss options and for assistance in making the final decision.
  • Contact institutions that you will not be attending to decline their offers.