Chatham University

Highlights from Internship Sites

Joy Baldonieri, HR Consultant
UPMC Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chatham prepares their students for life after college; I have had the pleasure of working with several, well-prepared and driven individuals who I would hire if I had an opening. They are professional, apply critical thinking and can problem solve. I appreciate the work that Chatham puts into preparing their students with networking events, it is wonderful and I am glad to be part of the experience."

Brittany Thomas, Coordinator of External Affairs
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm very pleased with the overall process and information that has been exchanged with Chatham since the very beginning. It makes hosting students a breeze and is much appreciated. Our intern has brought a high level of knowledge to the position and we would expect the same level of dedication and knowledge from any interns we may host from Chatham in the future."

Rachel Stasny, Development Associate
WQED Multimedia, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chatham students have a tendency to go above and beyond what is asked of them. Whenever we host a Chatham intern, I am always impressed by their work ethic and the level of enthusiasm that the student bring to our organization. I wouldn't hesitate to host another Chatham intern in the future."

Judy Dora, Program Coordinator
IM4Q Program, Pittsburgh, PA

"I feel that Chatham University has an excellent internship program, and we as an IM4Q program have benefited from having such exemplary students be part of our team. We have learned from them, and they have learned from us. I'm confident that each of our interns has come away from the IM4Q internships with it being a positive experience. Also, the fact that it is a paid internship I feel is extremely beneficial to the students we employ."

Gretchen Jacobs, Program Coordinator
Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council (GPLC), Pittsburgh, PA

"We appreciate the partnership between GPLC and Chatham's Internship Program! It's a wonderful program that encourages student participation in their community. It builds capacity for local organizations and allows students to gain valuable world experience in their chosen field. Thank you!"

F.D. Fields, Lead Volunteer Coordinator
UPMC Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chatham takes a special interest and is very involved with the interns. Many universities do not have much contact with the intern or the site supervisors during the internship but Chatham stays very involved throughout and encourages feedback. The interns are well prepared and easy to work with."

Steven Hvozdovich, Pennsylvania Campaigns Director
Clean Water Action, Pittsburgh, PA

"I was very pleased with Chatham's Internship Program. The partnership resulted in my organization being paired with an excellent student who was able to help advance important projects within our overall work. The structure on the internship program ensured the student was living up to her end of the obligations and the regular feedback allowed me to analyze the students’ progress and provide constructive feedback to help the student advance her skills."

Laura Kolano, Project Manager
Kolano Design, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am impressed that Chatham requires internship hours to graduate with a degree in design. Any experience a student can grasp before entering into the job market only makes them more marketable to an employer. I encourage universities to get students out in the work force as early as possible, to allow them the time to grow and learn tasks outside of a school environment that employers are looking for."

Erika Johnson, Executive Director
Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, Pittsburgh, PA

"I appreciate the high level of structure and interaction built in to Chatham's service learning opportunities. Chatham University Career Development Office does a wonderful job of supporting both our organization and our interns."

Barbara Nicholas, Development Director
Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chatham made it easy for Women's Center & Shelter to host an intern. Electronic forms and correspondence made administration easy and the gentle notices assured my timeliness. Our intern was focused, hardworking and very smart. Her Chatham-provided laptop and software allowed her to be productive, in spite of Women's Center's oftentimes failing technology."

Heather Harr, Project Director
League of Women Voters, Pittsburgh, PA

"Excellent intern program, very well run. Program is easy to navigate. The staff internship coordinator is very helpful. Chatham's integration of internships into the student learning experience yields a consistent crop of quality interns. Students are eager to help, well-mannered and talented. They help our organization with our work, enhance our outreach to young adults, and bring us some fresh ideas. All in all a productive and pleasant experience."

Jennifer R. Melendrez, Assistant Editor/Submissions Editor
Sunbury Press, Mechanicsburg, PA

"From both sides of the fence, the internship program seems to be a smooth process. It's important because it gives students the opportunity to gain professional experience before they enter their intended career field--and it also gives companies the opportunity to get to know a variety of outstanding students, who could eventually become prospective employees."

Meghan Konsugar, Fundraising Coordinator
Muscular Dystrophy Association, Pittsburgh, PA

"Chatham's Internship Program was a great choice for our organization. The high standard the students are held to align perfectly with our expectations. I believe it was a mutually beneficial experience for both of us and I look forward to making additional internship opportunities available through the program in the future."

Carlos Quezada, Naturopathic Doctor
Pittsburgh Integrative Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA

"I am pleasantly surprised with the scope of this program. I have observed how interns have opened up their minds to a holistic way of thinking while maintaining strong scientific foundations. I am happy to participate in this process as a preceptor."

Megan Murphy, Manager
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Pittsburgh, PA

"I have been very pleased with the quality of students who have interned with us at NOCC, and the process of working with Chatham to bring the interns on-board."

Michela Da Rodda, Coordinator
Accion Callejera, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

"Chatham's Internship Program provided the organization with highly motivated students, who demonstrated to be focused on their professional and personal goals, well prepared and guided by strong self-initiative skills."

Abdoulahad Wone, CEO
Buzz Studios, Dakar, Senegal

"The quality of Chatham’s internship program is well above average. Indeed, they are reliable and really available for the needs of the intern and the site supervisor. My intern was also well behaved and was really easy to work with."