Chatham University

Internship Highlights from Chatham Students

Dawson Bancroft-Short @ People's Garden
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science

Amanda D'Amico @ The Japan – America Society of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts in International Business

Alexandra Beck @ Riverlife
Master of Landscape Architecture

Hazim Salem @ UPMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department
Master of Science in Biology

Hazim Salem
"My internship has been a great and inspiring experience. At the UPMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department (Pittsburgh, PA), I really enjoyed the clinical exposure, working in a hospital environment, communicating with the nursing staff and interacting with the patients. The skills I acquired during my internship helped me to become more acquainted with the medical field and improved my ability to converse with patients. Two things that I would recommend to future student interns are to come prepared to learn every day and do so with a positive attitude!"

Amy Gehrlein (pictured left) @ Pittsburgh Symphony Heinz Hall
Bachelor of Arts in Music

Amy Gehrlein
"My internship with the Pittsburgh Symphony (Pittsburgh, PA) provided me with a great understanding of what it takes to run a successful world-class symphony orchestra. Having the opportunity to learn about the various departments, attend concerts, and meet musicians and other influential employees and leaders convinced me to continue my education and work towards a master’s degree in arts administration."

Silvia Nunez-Rodriguez (pictured left) @ Green Building Alliance
Exchange Program - Sustainability

Silvia Nunez-Rodriguez
"Interning at Green Building Alliance (Pittsburgh, PA) engaged me in my field of interest. I really enjoyed getting behind the scenes and developing my communication skills. I loved being able to inspire speaker series and become a member of the team for organizing events. It gave me great insight of all the details that event planning involves. My greatest accomplishment was gaining employment experience in my field of sustainability. What I’ve learned most during my time here is that networking is a vital skill to have in any field."

Denesha Moorefield @ VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Denesha Moorefield
"Helping individuals with their taxes at VITA (Pittsburgh, PA) was a very rewarding experience. I learned the avenues of tax accounting through real world encounters. Putting money back in the pockets of low income tax payers at no cost to them was my greatest accomplishment at my internship."

Lynzy Groves @ Muscular Dystrophy Association
Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing and Management

Lynzy Groves
"My internship with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in Pittsburgh, PA was very empowering and engaging. I had a lot of responsibilities, but as a result I learned a lot about creating and maintaining relationships, and managing large groups of volunteers during high profile fundraisers. I’ve had a passion for working for nonprofits, but my internship with the MDA reaffirmed that I want to have a career in the nonprofit industry. My experience was more than I ever expected and I am forever grateful to the wonderful employees of the MDA that provided me with the tools I needed to understand my purpose in life. I never fully understood how much work goes in to making fundraisers successful until I worked behind the scenes, and once I did, it didn't seem like work anymore. My advice to others is to always be willing to take on new tasks because you never know what you are going to love!"

Jade Lawson (pictured right) @ Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Jade Lawson
"Working with the animals at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium was very rewarding. I learned a lot of skills to help me develop professionally and I had a lot of fun too! My experience at the zoo was amazing. I learned so much and got to live out every childhood dream of seeing the behind the scenes of the zoo. Though it was a lot of hard work and overcoming a few fears, it was very rewarding."

Nadine Aranki (pictured left) @ WQED Pittsburgh
Exchange Program - Journalism

Nadine Aranki
"I had a wonderful and exciting experience working at a non-profit, WQED Pittsburgh. I was able to grow both personally and professionally. This internship enhanced many of my professional skills including research, writing, and interpersonal skills. My recommendation for other students: take risks, and expose yourself to different working experiences; college is the best time to explore your interests."

Christopher Duerr (pictured right) @ Autumn House Press
Master of Fine Arts

Christopher Duerr
"I am thankful to Chatham University for introducing me to Autumn House Press (Pittsburgh, PA). I believe that my internship experience there has started me on a track toward success in the publishing and editing fields. It has instilled in me a fresh new love for literature and deepened my interest in its ever changing nature."

Hannah Wilford @ Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management

Hannah Wilford
"My internship with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PCA) provided me with real-world experience working with art agencies. I was able to create large scale projects and expand my portfolio. PCA is a great agency to be involved with. I fully support their mission and would love to personally help to promote them further in the community and aid in establishing further funding for sustainability."

Kathryn Pytiak @ Eview360
Master of Interior Architecture

Kathryn Pytiak
"This internship at Eview360 (Farmington Hills, MI) provided the opportunity to gain real world experience and exposure to a professional environment. I really enjoyed the challenge and I gained important skills to allow me to communicate with others in a professional manner."

Olivia Bauer @ Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center
Bachelor of Science in Biology

Olivia Bauer
"My internship at the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center (Verona, PA) allowed me to gain real world experience and it confirmed my passion of working with animals. I also learned a lot about identifying various species and examining them. Everyone always advised me to find a career that I love, and I will never work a day in my life. Getting up and going to my internship felt just like that. Watching an injured animal make a tremendous recovery was one of the best moments ever, and knowing that I had something to do with it made all the difference. I would definitely recommend this internship for anyone interested in veterinary medicine or wildlife. It is very hands-on and I gained so much experience. This opened up many opportunities for my future."

Payal Patel @ Women for a Healthy Environment
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Payal Patel
"Participating in non-profit work with Women for a Healthy Environment was a very rewarding experience. Getting to see how much work goes into making a non-profit work and seeing the direct impact on the community was all worth it!"

Lorraine Yanjtovich (pictured right) @ Chatham University / Assemble
Bachelor of Arts in Arts Management

Lorraine Yanjtovich
"My internship with Kristen Shaeffer and Assemble allowed me to gain knowledge of the ins-and-outs of organizing a successful art exhibit. Interning with Kristen at Assemble Gallery was one of the best experiences I've had so far at Chatham. While I learned the things that I had set forth to learn before I started my internship, I gained priceless skills that can only be developed through hands-on experience in the field. Learning about solo exhibiting is such a great place to start for anyone who is interested in working within the arts. It sets the scene for the basic components that make up any large arts organization, including community, marketing, accounting, and creative problem-solving."

Mercedes Velasquez @ Carnegie Science Center
Bachelor of Science in Biology

Mercedes Velasquez
"Being able to work with animals at the Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh, PA) was very exciting! I learned a lot about how much effort goes into properly caring for animals. I was able to gain hands-on experience with the reptiles and learned how to properly hold them. Also, I learned quite a bit of information through talking to various volunteers and employees about their personal work experiences and career paths. The work was challenging, but every time I saw the animals it was worth every struggle with a ladder, knife, and temperamental turtles!"