Chatham University

Registering Your Internship

+Before Moving Forward with the Internship Registration…

  1. Obtain a copy of the internship position description from your internship site.
  2. Confirm that the internship is related to your major and/or career goals by looking at the internship learning agreement sample to see if you can create relevant learning outcomes and objectives at your site of choice.
  3. Make sure that your Academic Advisor approves your internship as an academic credit experience.
  4. Ask a professor to serve as your Faculty Supervisor for the internship. (Your Academic Advisor can serve as your Faculty Supervisor).
  5. Develop at least three learning outcomes and supporting objectives (what you hope to accomplish and how you will do it) for your internship in consultation with your Faculty Supervisor and based on the internship position description you have obtained.
  6. Identify an academic project in consultation with your Faculty Supervisor to submit for consideration when s/he assigns a grade for the internship.
  7. Gather all information using the Internship Learning Agreement Sample and have it reviewed by your Faculty Supervisor before starting the electronic learning agreement in DocuSign. NOTE: Once you start the agreement in DocuSign, you must finish it completely at that time.

+How to Register Your Upcoming Internship for Academic Credit

In order to receive academic credit for an internship, you must complete the following two steps prior to the add/drop deadline of the academic semester you wish to do the internship (refer to the upcoming deadlines listed in the chart below):

  1. Enroll for the internship course through portal.
    • Undergraduate students- your internship code will be INT [Major Code] [30Number of credits]. (For example, a marketing students completing a 4 credit internship would register using the code INTBUS304
    • When registering, be sure to select your faculty supervisor as your instructor.
    • For every 1 credit you wish to earn, it is 40 hours of interning at the site within the semester you are registered for.
  2. Complete an Internship Learning Agreement via DocuSign before the add/drop deadline of the semester you are enrolled for the internship course, and prior to the start of your internship (specific instructions and tutorial video below).

+What is the Internship Learning Agreement?

The Internship Learning Agreement represents a contract between the student, site, and faculty supervisor. The purpose of this contract is to ensure that everyone involved is in agreement about the student's learning objectives and internship requirements, and to make certain the student receives a high-quality internship experience that provides academically viable, hands-on, field-related learning. This document should be referred to often throughout the internship experience by the student, Faculty Supervisor, and Site Supervisor. The Internship Learning Agreement is processed online through DocuSign and the link can be found on my.Chatham under the Career Development section of Documents and Forms.

+How to Complete the Internship Learning Agreement

  1. Before starting your Internship Learning Agreement through DocuSign:
    • Refer to the Internship Learning Agreement Sample
    • Using the SAMPLE, gather all of the information you need prior to completing the online version in DocuSign. As mentioned above, once you start the agreement in DocuSign, you must finish it at that time and cannot go back later to make additions or changes.
  2. Once you have the information you need to complete the agreement, visit my.chatham, Documents and Forms, Career Development and look for "Internship Learning Agreement" (use the international version if international student or completing an internship abroad). These links in my.chatham will take you directly to a pre-developed agreement form in DocuSign (identical to the sample).
  3. Filling out the Internship Learning Agreement in DocuSign:
    • On the first page, fill out the names and emails of the required signers and hit "begin signing." (You do NOT need to enter Crystal Vietmeier’s information, as the system already knows to deliver the agreement to her last for final approval.)
    • On the next screen you may need to hit "continue" to start filling out the agreement.
    • NOTE: When completing the agreement, be sure to complete all required fields/boxes (in red) or else it will not go through to the next signer.
    • Once it is complete, click the highlighted button by "Student Signature" to sign, and then hit "Finish." (If you don’t see the "Finish" button after signing, this means something was not filled out, and you must go back through and complete every field.)
    • Once you hit "Finish", the agreement will automatically go to the next assigned signer via e-mail. Your signers will receive an email from DocuSign one at a time. They will just need to click a button to review, and then click another button to sign.

+You're Officially Registered! What's Next?

  • Each signer will receive an email from DocuSign stating that your agreement has been signed and completed. Be sure to save a PDF copy of your final agreement to refer back to throughout your internship - you will need this!
  • The Career Development Office will send a copy of your final agreement to the registrar's office to finalize your internship registration. NOTE: If they do not receive your agreement by add/drop deadline, your internship course will automatically be dropped.
  • Prior to starting your internship, you will be required to attend an Internship Preparation Workshop offered by Career Development You can find and register for a workshop on Handshake. Workshops are always offered at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • At the start of your internship, Career Development will send you a "welcome email" that will explain your internship requirements and what to expect throughout the semester.

+Requirements for Earning a Passing Grade

  • Attend a one-hour Internship Preparation Workshop through Career Development prior to starting your internship.
  • Complete a pre-internship assessment sent from Career Development.
  • Complete a mid-term evaluation (sent from Career Development mid semester).
  • Complete a post-assessment evaluation of your internship experience at the end of the semester.
  • Attend an Internship Reflection Group at the end of your internship.
  • Complete 40 hours of internship time for each credit you register for.
  • Maintain on-going communication throughout the semester with your Faculty Supervisor as listed on your internship learning agreement.
  • Submit your final academic project, as listed on your internship learning agreement, to your Faculty Supervisor by the deadline that was given to you.
  • Receive positive performance evaluations from your internship site supervisor.

Learn By Video

Please make a note that the video may not work with certain browsers.

Internship Deadlines

If you want to do your internship during... Deadline to Submit Internship Learning Agreement (via DocuSign) Add/Drop Deadline (Last Day to Enroll for Course)
Spring (14-week term)
January 3, 2019 - April 20, 2019
January 11, 2019 January 14, 2019
Summer (14-week term)
May 21, 2019 - August 24, 2019
May 25, 2019 May 29, 2019
Summer (1st 7-week term)
May 21, 2019 - July 6, 2019
May 25, 2019 May 29, 2019
Summer (2nd 7-week term)
July 9, 2019 - August 24, 2019
July 12, 2019 July 16, 2019

For questions related to the internship requirements or process, please contact the Career Development Office at or 412-365-1209.