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Are you ready to take the next step?

Your mentor can share their experience, offer support and guidance, and give you hands-on experience in the workplace. Here's your chance to envision what the future might look like, learn from mistakes, and build on successes.

More information?

Contact Lauren Tudor, Assistant Director of Career Development - Programs and Alumni Partnerships at or 412-365-2762.

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Welcome Aboard Mentorship Program – Information for Mentees

+ What is the Welcome Aboard Mentorship Program?

The Welcome Aboard Mentorship Program offers students the chance to be matched with a Chatham Alumni or local professional who will share their experience, offer support, and provide guidance. The program is available to students starting their first year at Chatham University.

+ Why is this program important?

Mentoring programs like Welcome Aboard help students take their goal-setting and career planning to a new level by pairing them with a mentor. In particular, the professional development experience that is required in the program gives students the opportunity to develop strong networking skills and/or see if a particular field is best-suited for them. Most importantly, though, the Welcome Aboard program is flexible enough to meet each student's personal needs! Each mentor and mentee team will have the chance to develop a professional relationship that works best for them.

+ What benefits will I get from being a mentee?

Being a mentee can provide you with opportunities for professional and career development; help you translate values, strategies, and goals into productive actions; aid you in developing new or different perspectives; provide assistance with your ideas and answers to your questions; reveal your strengths; help you explore your potential; and build your career network. Alongside your classes and other Career Development opportunities, the Welcome Aboard program will help you explore your options and prepare for your future!

+ How can I become a good mentee?

There are lots of ways to be a good mentee, but some of the big ones are: attend all required events and training sessions, communicate with your mentor at least once a month, be professional with your communication, set realistic expectations for what you can achieve and what guidance your mentor can provide, participate in the professional development opportunity, take full advantage of your mentoring relationship, and have fun with it!

+ Who will I be matched with?

The best mentor for you! You will be matched with a Chatham alumni or local professional in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. Your mentor may have had the same major as you or may work in the field you want to enter. In other cases, they'll be involved in community organizations outside of their workplace that fit your interests. Every mentor is committed to their mentees' professional development and preparation for the workforce.

+ How does the matching process work?

Our matching process is based on a number of criteria, including: your major, career interests, personal/professional goals, and co-curricular experiences. We pride ourselves on sometimes making creative connections between our mentors and mentees. You might be embarking on a career path well-suited to your major, or you might come from a non-traditional field of study seeking more information about a profession. Mentors also include fun facts about their personal career path on their application, such as co-curricular activities or outside organizations they serve, that make them a good match for you.

+ How much time should I plan to commit?

In order for your mentor experience to be as beneficial as possible, we'll expect you to attend a one-hour training session, communicate with your mentor virtually or in person once a month, and take part in a professional development opportunity. Additionally, we strongly encourage that you attend campus events held by the Office of Career Development to bring you closer to your mentor and the Welcome Aboard Mentorship team as a whole. You can find a list of those events here.

+ What should I expect from my mentor?

Your mentor will provide you with guidance and support while sharing with you their own college and work experiences. Mentors are there to help you build and achieve your goals, learn more about the field you aspire to enter, and offer advice to help you make the most of your collegiate experience! Be sure to set realistic goals for yourself and your mentor. It's good to spend some time during your first meeting discussing what you both expect from each other over the course of the semester.

+ What topics will my mentor and I discuss?

Some topics you can discuss with your mentor include: personal and professional goals, interests and skill sets, how the college experience translates to the workplace, how to be best prepared for entering the workforce, how to write a good resume and cover letter for a job in your chosen field, what cutting-edge skills are becoming more important in the profession you aspire to have, and many others.

+ How do I apply to be a mentee?

All you have to do is fill out a short application here and we will follow up with you via email.

+ Where can I go for more information?

Other than the Career Development website, you can ask the Welcome Aboard Mentorship program coordinators for more information. They are: Dr. Zauyah Waite, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students; Dr. Mary Utter, Assistant Dean of Students; Dana DePasquale, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations; and Lauren Tudor, Coordinator for Career Development - External Relations. You can also visit the Office of Career Development at Chatham's Shadyside campus on the the basement floor of the JKM Library.

+ Other than communicating with my mentor, are there any other requirements?

The requirements for being a mentee are:

  • Attending a one-hour training session at the beginning of the semester
  • Communicating with your mentor once a month, virtually or in person
  • Taking part in a professional development opportunity offered by your mentor


+ Can any student apply to be matched with a mentor?

Any student starting their first year at Chatham can apply to be matched with a mentor. The Welcome Aboard Mentorship program will be a great supplement to your on-campus Career Development resources!

+ I can’t get in touch with my mentor. What should I do?

First, try reaching out to one of the Welcome Aboard program coordinators to ensure that the contact information you have for your mentor is correct. We'll attempt to successfully reconnect you if communication breaks down.

+ Upon communicating, my mentor and I don’t seem like an ideal match. What should we do?

We're confident in our matching system, but in the rare event that you and your mentor don't seem like an ideal match you can reach out to the Welcome Aboard Mentorship program coordinators. First we'll consult with you about why we made the match in the first place, and then we'll reassign mentors and mentees as necessary.