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Student Employment

Student Employment opportunities at Chatham allow you to engage with and develop professional competencies; gain and apply knowledge; and build professional experience as you explore, discover, and build your place in the world. Student Employment also provides opportunities to earn money and/or activate your Federal Student Employment Award.

Campus employment opportunities meet a range of interests, skills, and knowledge, and all student employment experiences carry with them the opportunity to supplement and build on classroom learning and other areas of involvement on campus.

+Finding Jobs on Campus

Employment opportunities are posted on Chatham Career Link and are updated regularly. Career Link is our online database that provides for full-time, part-time, internships, and student employment opportunities. Positions range from administrative and office assistant roles, to assisting faculty with research, to serving as Chatham's Mascot, Caron the Cougar!

The following are just a few examples of student employment positions on campus:

  • Program Assistant for the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics (PCWP): Be a representative of the PCWP, design promotion plans and goals, assist in event planning, and strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Admissions Ambassador: Represent the university through assisting undergraduate admission and marketing staff with recruiting efforts for Chatham University, provide campus tours to students and their families, and attend recruiting events.
  • Rock Wall Supervisor in the AFC: Are you an avid rock climber or interested in becoming belayer certified? In this position you will monitor and secure the safety of climbers, provide assistance to climbers using the wall, and work as part of the AFC team.
  • Desk Attendant for the Office of Residence Life: Provide help and assistance as the first point of contact in the Residence halls. Check-in students and guests, enforce residence hall policies, and act as a source of information and direction for residents and guests.

To look for current openings and opportunities:

  1. Go to Chatham Career Link and log in using your Chatham Username (email address) and Password.
  2. If you have not already done so, create your profile by updating your information and uploading your resume.
  3. On the Home Screen, click on the "Jobs, Internships, Volunteer Postings & More!" tab
  4. Select "Exclusively for Chatham"
  5. Select "Student Employment/Work Study" on the purple tab

+Applying, Interviewing, and Getting Hired!


If you have already created your profile and uploaded your resume to Career Link, you are one click away from applying for jobs!

Once you find positions you are interested click the "Apply" button next to the job description. We recommend that you apply for 4 or 5 postings for your best chance at landing a position.

Follow up with the supervisor in a few days to ensure he/she has received your resume and provide the supervisor with a schedule of availability. Follow up allows you to show your continued interest in the position and allows for the supervisor to know your availability.


Interviews are required for all open positions. This is a great time to practice your interviewing skills! If you need help preparing contact to schedule a practice interview, or follow these tips to help you get ready:

  • Prepare for the interview as you would any other interview. Be ready to answer questions as to why you are the most qualified person, why you are interested in working for the particular department, and be able to briefly discuss your background and experience. Be able to express yourself and provide examples of your qualifications and skills.
  • Dress for the interview. You don't need to wear a business suit, but do not wear jeans or shorts. Business casual attire is best: nice pants and shirt or blouse; skirt and top; dress. Skirts and dresses should not be extremely short.
  • Have questions prepared to ask the interviewer. It shows you are interested and have researched their particular area.
  • Lastly, make sure you have the interviewer's name. Shortly after the interview, send the interviewer a thank you email.
  • During the interview, feel free to ask when the department plans to make a decision. This will give you an idea of when you should call to check in.

You're Hired! Now What?

You have been offered the position - Congratulations! Once you accept, your supervisor will email the Office of Career Development to notify us that they will be hiring you, the terms in which you will work, your hours, and rate of pay.

If you have never worked as a student employee, you will need to complete New Hire Paperwork and submit it to the Office of Career Development. This will authorize you to work for the university and enter you into our Payroll system. This paperwork includes the I-9 DHS form, which requires you to submit official forms of identification to establish employment eligibility. Please visit to review the necessary forms of identification. Students must submit the originals of these required documents; copies are not accepted.

Once the details of your position are confirmed and you are active in our system, a contract will be created in the university's Student Employment portal and you will be invited to sign it. You should work directly with your supervisor to determine a start date and weekly work schedule.

+Getting Started in Your Position

Student Employee Orientation

All Student Employees are required to attend a Student Employee Orientation session. This orientation will cover logistics and expectations of you as a student employee, as well as goal-setting and tips for making the most of your employment experience.

Student Employee Orientation Sessions are listed on the Happenings page on MyChatham.

You may begin working at any time after your contract has been signed and you receive the approval notification from the Student Employment system, but please make sure you sign up to attend an orientation session within the first few weeks of your employment.

Featured Student Worker

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    Robert Garilli