Chatham University

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Mission Statement

Chatham University's Nursing Programs prepare graduates, bachelor's level through the doctoral level, on campus and around the world to advance the quality, safety, and sustainability of healthcare among a diverse population while being an engaged and respectful citizen.

Program Goals

The DNP program prepares the nursing graduate to become an expert in specialized advanced nursing practice. This advanced nursing practice focuses on innovative and evidence-based practice with ongoing scientific inquiry and the application of credible research findings to promote safe, quality, and patient-centered healthcare to a diverse population with complex needs. The DNP graduate is seen as a leader within the inter-professional team and the larger healthcare community through enhanced clinical skills, dissemination of scholarly work to other healthcare professionals and healthcare policy makers, advanced use of technology, and through demonstration of professional behaviors that encompass strong ethical, holistic, and organizational values.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate: